Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to Work

Why is it so hard for me to go to work every morning? Why can't I be happy?

1- I hate my job? No I love it.
2- I don't like the people I'm working with? No, they are all friendly, I like them.
3- Is my job boring? No.
4- Is it waking up so early in the morning? Maybe, what if work starts @ 10 am, will it make a difference? I don't think so. Will optional work hours solve the problem? I don't know.

What do I want exactly?

I wish I can once wake up in the morning feeling good and excited about going to work! it will never happen I know!

off the topic:

* Where did the rain go? I miss it ;(


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

1st of all good luck with ur 1st say at work after the break sweety : *

2nd did u try changing ur sleeping pattern ?

i find it easier to start my day if i was awake early enough that im able to eat my breakfast, read newspaper, surf the web etc.. then go off to sch./work ..
it changes my mood a lot ; )

Princess Famme said...

I love waking up early, i always put an idea i would look forward to it so that i would wake up Smiling .. well maybe am a morning person .. Change the way you think and you morning's would change :D

zuz said...

maybe u lack sleeping? or ur not a morning person?

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel...tell me about it!

Razz said...

well, try to sleep early so you can wake up early easily and go to work.. find something that gets you excited at work so you won't feel bored... and it's not just you, bas everyone love their pillow in the morning bas they hve to work.

سورة النبأ، جزء ثلاثين:وجعلنا الليل لباسا، و جعلنا النهار معاشا

Nemo said...

P.ANONYMOUS: waking up for breakfast before school/work => never done it in my entire life :p i wish i can do it i think you're right and im just a lazy person :p thnx sweety :)

Pincess Famme: hmmm change the way i think :p okay i will give it a try, i'll try to think about something tonight :)))

zuz: or maybe a lazy person yabelha kaf mn el 9eb7 :p

Amu: thnx for the moral support :))
i needed this

Think-Become: i sleep at 10 o still i want to sleep more lol ... + I soooo love my pillow in the morning .. yes we have to work bl nahar :)

Anonymous said...

Because work is a chore.... a routine... and routines are beyond boring........!! UGH!!!

Journal Entries said...

i really wish that work could start @10.00 and finish later..

Nemo said...

seriously2009: so true, i think its the routine! yes

A Journal Entry: its a nice idea :p but staying till 6 pm will be killing ... i'll get depressed

Gee™ said...

i guess its because ur not a morning person .. are u ? ;p

i miss the rain too ;\
+ etha ma 6ag mo6ar ya3ni mako fage3 hal sena :p

Nemo said...

ana yabeli a7ad ya36eeni kaf el 9eb7 :p

o yes walla when is it gonna rain??

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just boredom

Bashar said...

Usually this means you're not so much passionate about your job. When you dont look forward to next morning, or wake up side it already is!

Programmers however are popular for being night creatures, and someone who isn't is the weirdo.

So perhaps you're just fine :). Problem with flexible hours though is, you can opt out then. You get used to it and it's not healthy social life :)

Anonymous said...

I hear ya. Allah y3eenik. Something about work is just repulsing.

Nemo said...

3baidsblog: one of the reasons akeed

Bashar: althu i like my job but maybe im bored or its the cold weather in the morning or ...

"Programmers however are popular for being night creatures"
true how i can write code at 8 am in the morning! :p im doing it anyway :p

as for the flexible hours, its good that i'm forced to work from 8 to 4, i know someone who was working at a company with flexible working hours, his life was was a mess, starts @ 1=2 pm and finishes @ 10-12 pm :S => sick