Saturday, December 26, 2009

Right Brain vs Left Brain

I'm reading a book called "My Stroke of Insight" and while reading chapter 3 (Hemispheric Asymmetries) I remembered taking this test to know which hemisphere do I use more. It's interesting :)

Some Facts from the book (chapter 3):

* Over 85% of the right handed people in the U.S. are left hemisphere dominant and over 60% of left handed people are also left hemisphere. (I'm a left handed person with a right hemisphere dominance) .

* The right hemisphere is all about capturing the moment (feel, smell, taste ... ) while the left hemisphere is all about capturing the details (time, order, reason, dimension, patterns ... ).

* The right hemishphere is concerned about the big picture while the left hemisphere is concerned about the details and more details about the details.

* Your left hemisphere is the center of your ego. It provides you with an internal awareness of who you are.

* The right hemisphere complements the left hemisphere language center by interpreting the non-verbal communication. the right hemisphere evaluates the tone, facial expression and body language.

* People can live normally with with one cerebral hemisphere only.

If you see the lady spinning clockwise know that you have used your right hemisphere otherwise (anti-clockwise) it's your left hemisphere. (Source)

tell me which hemisphere do you use more


Aurous said...

I used to be left brained before college..
then I became right brained..
now I can see the pic move in any direction I want ;p
but now I naturally see it going clockwise :D

Aurous said...

and it's good to have u posting again ;)

MBH said...

Judging by the shape of the Gastrocnemius Muscle (ba66at el reel), she seems to be going counter-clockwise.

Nemo said...

Thanks Aurous :)

MBH: i can only see her going clock-wise ... u've used ur left brain
its amazing

Hashimoto said...

I don't see her moving ...

that means my brain isn't working
looooool !

Hashimoto said...

e7m ...
clock wise


MBH said...

Actually, I saw her going both ways, but I was concentrating on finding which way made more sense (to me).

When I first saw the pic, I was expecting the image to be moving; when it didn't, I thought there was something wrong with the picture or browser :p
Took me a few seconds to realize what you meant... hehehe.

Bloggylife said...

well I see her turning clockwise!

wAllah interesting book choices you have here Nemo :P I'm still looking for the Arabic one you recommended :P but I'll keep those in mind too.

Nemo said...

thanks :)

Bashar said...

OK... I can swear I was seeing her clockwise, then suddenly I saw her turning anti-clockwise and can't see it the old way anymore :/

Analyze that!

Nemo said...

you make use of both of them :p