Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perseids - 12th of August 2009

This is so amazing although I'm not not sure about what is the best time to view perseids in kuwait?
The best location would be away from the city lights, in the desert maybe.


zuz said...


Aurous said...

7safa I missed it :(

Technogal said...

Me too :((

Anonymous said...

girl you have been missed :) wb...

Bashar said...

Too late :(. Any body seen it?

Razz said...

too bad i missed it :s

Daddy's Girl said...

Neemoo how are u?

long time no see

imbarak 3leech il shahar o 3asach min 3owadah insha2 allah o intay ib se7a o 3afiya ya rab :D

Nemo said...

zuz: it must be!

Aurous: me too ;( nemt

Technogal: me too b3d

Amu: thnx :) i missed you guys too

Bachar: not me :p

on the rocks: same here

Daddy's Girl: 3alaia o 3alaich :)
i'm doing okay :)