Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Special Moon (Luna)

When you stare at our beautiful Moon tonight don't only appreciate how beautiful it is but also know that we can't live without our Moon (Luna).


0) The Moon is considered Huge when compared to Earth (1/4 of the size of the earth). (this is why the Moon has a huge impact on earth).

1) We only see one side of our Moon. (Why? the time the moon takes to rotate around its axis is the same as the time the moon takes to rotate around the earth).

2) Scientists are still not sure about whether the moon has originated from the Earth or if it came from the outer space. the most recent hypothesis is the Giant Impact.

3) The Moon is slowly getting away from us every year by 3.8 cm. billions of years ago the Moon was much closer and thus the earth rotation around its axis was faster (example: the day was 21.9 hours 620 million years ago).

4) The Moon stabilizes the Earth rotation and by that it stabilizes our climate. (by keeping the tilt of the earth rotation axis constant (23.4°)).

5) The Moon has no atmosphere so the sky will always be black on the Moon and there will not be a medium to carry out your sound waves.

6) The dark spots on the moon are called Maria (Latin word means seas).

7) The Moon is responsible for our ocean tides.


Distance from Earth: 234,000 miles.
Travel time: 3 space days.
Diameter: 2,160 miles.
Day Length: 27.3 days.
Temperature: (270° to -240°).
Gravity: 1/6 of Earth.
Orbits Earth at an average speed of 2,300 miles per hour.

More on the Moon:
*) The Universe by the History Channel (Episode 5).


No identity.. said...

VERY NICE POST.... how amazing about our moon...

Just A Bunch said...

I was just looking at the moon tonight & appreciating its beauty. no matter how many times i say how beautiful it is & how much i love it, it wouldnt be enough! i LOOOOOVE it!

thnx for refreshing our lunar knowledge & giving us newer information :)

Nemo said...

No Identity: Thanks :) yeah we have a very special moon :)

Just a bunch of thoughts: you're most welcome :)) we always need to remember how great is our moon :)

MBH said...

You forgot to mention that it was cut in half at some point of time.

Nemo said...

i didn't know that! maybe you should tell us what u know :)