Monday, March 16, 2009


Marina Hotel, Salmiya
March 17, 2009
Fair Time: 6 p.m.–9 p.m.

Participating Universities:

• Florida Institute of Technology
• Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
• Lasell University
• Marquette University
In cooperation with
• Ohio State University
• Score Plus / Princeton Review
• San Jose State University
• University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
• Roger Williams University
• University of Bridgeport
• University of California, Riverside
• University of Kentucky
• University of New Haven
• University of South Carolina
• Virginia Commonwealth University
• West Virginia University


Hashimoto said...

ra7at 3laina

alla y5allee KU


3aliya said...

maan i feel old!! :(

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

Oops, IEEE/GCC starts tomorrow. Too bad they're on the same day; I'm probably attending IEEE/GCC, although this seems like a good opportunity for grad studies.

Nemo said...

Hashimoto: lol, yemken grad school inshalla when u finish :)

3aliya: lool i do too :p bs still fe grad school im not done yet (hopefully :p)

Nosaybe: i think there up coming events like this one .. there was one event last month too for U.S. universities in the palms

wish you the best :)

Kazeh said...

Thanks for the notice~

Gray Goose. said...

dammn i missed it :@:@:@:@ i wanted to go soo bad bas shit i forgot :@ :P yalla mo moshkilla next time im sure ull be the one to tell me :P


Anonymous said...


I stumbled upon your wonderful site and this post got my attention. Too bad I missed it. Would you know when will they have the fair again?

Mrs. said...

OMG this post makes me feeel like a grandma :(

Nemo said...

Kazeh: you're most welcome :))

Gray Goose: i received an email for the events they are having in march i can send it to you if you want :)

Valerie: thank you :))))
i can send you the same email i have received from them, just send me your email :)

Mrs: lol :p

Mr. M said...

Thanks for the post Nemo. I actually read the post an hour before the event started!

I only visited the place because my little brother wanted me to collect some info of some unis. I honestly dislike the American educational systems.

Go UK! :P

Thanks again.

Nemo said...

you're most welcome :))

lol @ uk thing :p

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply, Nemo. You can send me an email at :)

Nemo said...

i sent u an email :)