Monday, March 30, 2009

Lebanon (1)

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Journal Entries said...

amaaaaaazing photos mashallah =)

Hashimoto said...

Niiice @@

really loved the ones taken from

Rawsha and the snow in Faraya

thanks for the pics


Zainab Sadiq said...

U r n Lebanon? :D
i just was telling my dad that i want 2 try be n these!
and why we don't have snow :(

faisal said...

great pics
it looks that ur having fun mashallah

Kazeh said...

Amazing.. love the pictures

zuz said...

allaaah wanasaa:D last time ive been there lmma kent 8;p

doona said...

aby snowwwwww =(

laish mako snow hneeeee =(

atoona said...

lovely pics :)
were u a good skier?

Standy said...

mashallah.. looks like you are having fun..


Razz said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i miss lebanon, glad you're enjoying your time, go to junieh, there is a good restaurant there called limhanna :) enjoy

Diablo said...

now these are some views !!

I dont like lebanon for some reason unknown tho ;/

Nemo said...

thank you all :)))

im still here in lebanon, the weather is just perfect

you should all come here :)))

Anonymous said...

nice pics :)

Bashar said...

Is it too evil if I envy you now?

I want this snow place... someone drop me off the telefric there!

Anonymous said...

hahaha thats great you were in Lebanon... I was there in April and thats sweet to find out your went to my area "Aley" :)

amazing pics you got... my pics are greenery check them out here ;)

good to see fellow bloggers visiting my home country :)