Friday, March 13, 2009

March's Books - The List

In addition to January's Books and February's Books,

Here is the new list. This list is dedicated to my cousin who really reads a lot :D

Title Author Recommended by
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Sophie Kinsella libero anima
Eat_Love, Pray
Elizabeth Gilbert libero anima
child 44
Tom Rob Smith libero anima
Marley&Me John Grogan BloggyLife
Me and Mr. Darcy Alexandra Potter Nosayba
A Whole New Mind Daniel H. Pink
The One Minute Entrepreneur
The One Minute Manager Kenneth H. Blanchard Bashar
Just For Fun Linus Torvalds Bashar
Something borrowed Emily Giffin zuz
Something blue Emily Giffin zuz
Remember me? Sophie Kinsella zuz
Lolita Vladimir Nabokov zuz
Crime and Punishment
Fyodor Dostoyevsky zuz
All books by
Sophie Kinsella FourMe

Enjoy :)


zuz said...

thank youuu:D

Bliss said...

indeed, all books by sophie kinsella are amazing!
i love her
i just bought 'remember me?' - i'll start reading it soon

great recommendations :)

Aurous said...

When the summer comes... and I'm bored to death
I know where I'll look for a good book to read :D

y36ech el3afya ^_^

Anonymous said...

And what did you read last month?

You should make it more challenging. One who's book is read gets a gifted book ;)

Nemo said...

walla fekra :p

amazon gift cards

Anonymous said...

Now I'm gonna get serious if u dont read my books.

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

Thanks for the list Nemo :)
Did you notice that people recommend books that have been recently filmed? I wonder if they read them before/after their movies were shown.

"Just for Fun" sounds interesting. I read paragraphs from the introduction and it looks fun to read.

Unknown said...

Sophie kinsella is amazing ..
I think you'll love dorothy koomson as well ;)

Kazeh said...

Nice list. And as we can see many movies these days are based on books.

Anonymous said...

Ooh i love all sophie kinsellas books!!!

I have just re read the whole shopaholic series again!!!

Emilly Griffin Books listed are very very good!!! I have read them as well!

Can i contribute to the list tooo?

Nemo said...

sureeee and thank youuuuu :)))))

Anonymous said...

Add one more to your list, 'Secret teaching of all ages' by manly p hall (highly recommended even though u dont know me)

Anonymous said...

Yes (sophie kinsella) is AMAZING..
im reading (Remember Me) by sophie kinsella and it seems Nice..
y3ny 2 to 3 days o im DONE