Friday, February 6, 2009

February's Books - The List

In addition to January's Books,

Here is the new list:

Title Author Recommended by
A Child Called "it"
Dave Pelzer ..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..
The Lost Boy Dave Pelzer ..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..
Among The Free
Margaret Peterson Anoosa
Among The Hidden Margaret Peterson Anoosa
Among The Impostors
Margaret Peterson Anoosa
Among The Betrayed Margaret Peterson Anoosa
Among The Barons Margaret Peterson Anoosa
Among The Brave
Margaret Peterson Anoosa
Among The Enemy Margaret Peterson Anoosa
Margaret Peterson Anoosa
Turnabout Margaret Peterson Anoosa
Busy Woman Seeks Wife Annie Sanders seriously2009
Chasing Harry Winston
Lauren Weiseberger seriously2009
My Sisters Keeper
Jodi Picoul libero anima
The Long Road Home Danial steel libero anima
Daniel Suarez
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Steven Covey Bashar
Confessions of an Economic Hitman John Perkins Bashar

Of the lists:
"A Man Named Dave", "A Million Little Pieces", "The Kite Runner" and "Thousand Splendid Suns" are available @ Virgin Megastore.

Enjoy :)


doona said...

a million little pieces is BEYOND AMAZING!!

Unknown said...

Add: Confessions of a Shopaholic :D

shamma aldabal said...

awh thanx for adding my seggested books to ur list =D..

i'm currently reading love, eat, pray .. it's nice ..

and i bought a book called child 44 .. it has a bit to do with the Russian war .. if u like that kinds of books ..

the kite runner is kaaahs5a ,, 7eta a million little peices .. loved it

Nemo said...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: I'll go with my cousin and we'll get it :D shawagteena

Confessions of a Shopaholic will be added to march :D thanks :))))) come here anytime u remember something :D

libero anima:
"love, eat, pray" i saw that in virgin too ... will be added akeed thnx :D

"child 44" will be added too, i read all kinds of books

million little pieces we'll go and get it :D

thnx ;)

Aurous said...

I've been looking for My Sister's Keeper in Kuwait and Dubai for the last 4 months..

please let me know if you found it here :)

Bashar said...

So what are you going to read? Is Anoosa a spammer :P. Kidding :)

shamma aldabal said...

anytime sweetie ! and if you need anymore suggestions i'll be more than glad to suggest some =D

Nemo said...

Aurous: ITS IN VIRGIN, go get it :D
i saw it today and my friend got one ... :)

Bashar: lol

i have these: i'll probably read 1,2 and maybe 3 this month
1- Big Bang, The Origin of the Universe
by Simon Singh
2- A man named dave
3- the Alchemist
4- Out of iraq by Lewis alsamari

all available @ virgin

libero anima: suggest all you have :p

Bashar said...

The Alchemist is quite simple, though with deep meaning. It's only novel I read in 10 years maybe :)

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

Oh my God that's some long list. My list of February books that I plan to read contains 2 items! lol! Among those I have "The Kite Runner" only. Interesting list, thanks for the recommendations.

Nemo said...

lol no its 2 only :p

these are the recommendations i got :D

the kite runner is really good