Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice

The second cross over episode will air next Thursday (12/2/09). I'm excited since I watch both :) and since Grey's Anatomy has been boring me lately ;( I'm hoping that this episode will bring life again to Grey's!

* Addison, Naomi and Sam from "Private Practice" will be appearing in "Grey's Anatomy".

* I'ts going to be Grey's S05E15 and Private's S02E16.

Update: It was an ok/average episode, you should start with Greys e15 and then Private e16. (2-hour) episode.


Charmbracelet said...

wooow cool! Can't wait =)

Standy said...

wow... i didnt know that GA reached epi 15.. god i am so behind.. i need to watch private practice too SOON :(

Shwaish said...

eee im happy abt that too but im so bummed ina mcdreamy didnt propose wisiba addison :( altho i love addison i think shes hotness

ok ashkara i watch both :s

Nemo said...

Charmbracelet: yeah me too :)

Stand-Alone~: lol yes you should :)

Shwaish: lol ana ashoof private practice 3ashan addison bs :D
hotness yessss

Anonymous said...

I just watched all the previous episodes of Grey's anatomy, you're right it's getting boring! Still have to catch up with private practice ;)