Friday, March 13, 2009

How to Buy Books for Your Kindle

Bold Problem: We could not process your order because of geographical restrictions on the product which you were attempting to purchase. Please refer to the terms of use for this product to determine the geographical restrictions.

Solution: I first tried and it didn't work for me. but the following way worked for me:
  1. I bought an amazon gift card for myself.
  2. I created a new amazon account and registered my kindle.
  3. I redeemed my gift card in my new amazon account.
  4. I made sure no credit cards are saved in my new account and the default payment method is not set for my kindle.
  5. I was able then to buy books :)))))))) Amazon will check the gift card balance if no credit card is set for the kindle.


Qa6Wa said...

sneaky !!!

mashalla, hehehe.... 3lech bel 3afya n sowwie the entropay thing didn't work out 4 ya!

Technogal said...

Mashallah 3leeech that was a smart idea :)

eshda3wa said...


Kazeh said...

Thanks alot for the info! Great help!

Anonymous said...

LOL... Guess Bezoz is not that smart!

I still find it tedious to create a separate account just to buy eBook, though geeky workaround. Isn't it easier to get the American Express card?

Congrats on the solution anyhow.

@alhaidar said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

The more silly restrictions they set, the more enticing pirated content becomes.

Standy said...

wow.. great idea.. talk about getting around the bush!!

Anonymous said...

i want one but i dont want to regret buying it...

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Congratulations on your Kindle. It's so cool. I have a question about the speech feature. Is it clear? Coz I tried purchasing one of the books from and it was below my expectation. Did you try out that feature yet? And does it read any kindle book? Or are there special audible books to buy? Please let me know and thank you.

Nemo said...

BLaSha: thank you :) i now have an entropay account but when i buy with it gives me the same msg as with kuwaiti credit card ... not sure really why ;(

Technogal: thanks :)

eshda3wa: thanks :)

Kazeh: thanks :)

Bashar: lol, american express is dangerous to me :p

أحمد الحيدر: you're most welcome :)

3baidsblog: exactly!!!

Stand-Alone: thanks :)

faisal: i ask me again in 2 months :p
lets see

L's brain:

the text to speech feature is currently set to read all books added to your kindle, i have even tested it with playing my pdf files ...

regarding how good it is .. is a difficult question since i'm not into audio books ..

i have only listened to one audio book in my life "the secret", and yes its different, kindle's is more like an "automated" voice ..

i don't know if i'm making any sense
let me know if you need anything else


Anonymous said...

:) you're going to be the experiment

Unknown said...

Hi great idea but I still have one problem. I bought the kindle and I made a separate account and used the gift card idea and all but after I purchase the e-book how do you get it on the kindle? it's supposed to wirelessly deliver the book to you but since I'm not in the states the kindle cant wirelessly connect.

Nemo said...


go to your amazon account =>
Manage my Kindle link =>

under the section "Your orders and individual charges"

you will see the purchased books,
you can download them to your pc and then use the usb to move them to your kindle

please let me know if you need anything else :)

Unknown said...

Hey thanx for the help I'll try that now :)

B. said...

Ok... I don't know if u still have 5ilg to listen to me complaining about the same old problem :((

I bought several gift vouchers, created a new account, redeemed them to the new account. But i'm still unable to use the money...

What i think Amazon is doing is forcing me to add a credit card, which i don't want to do yet, as per ur instructions.

Do u have any clue on what's wrong or what i shud do?

B. said...

ok... i figured it out now... so sorry to have bothered u... bs walla enni i spent atleast 2 hours trying to fix that thing....

well, i had to add a US address, which is so didn't want to do, unless absolutely necessary... well, it's working perfectly now :))

sorry for the bother, and thx for having an open blog :))

Nemo said...

so glad it worked for you :)))

enjoy :)

Inssan said...
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Inssan said...

thanks for the help in showing me how to buy books for my kindle it was very helpful .
there is another easier way to do it
1 buy your self a gift card and send it to your self
2 redeem the gift card
3 remove your payment methods ( visa ) from amazon
4 get your book using the gift card
5 go to manage your kindle and download the book
and thats it
and enjoy your kindle
by the way a dear friend who explained to me how to do it

Snowflakes687 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nemo said...

the account should have a US address only. don't add ur kuwaiti credit card with that account.

i get the "Kindle Titles are not available in Kuwait." only when i use my "kuwaiti" account

Snowflakes687 said...

Hi! Please did you ever get the
"Kindle Titles are not available in Kuwait"
message? Even if I was going to do your way ma agdar cuz I can't display the titles a9lan!
Help :(

Snowflakes687 said...

So sorry! the name got there by mistake so I deleted it and posted it again without noticing you already replied LOL! Thanks for your help I'll try it now =D

Snowflakes687 said...

Hello again! I created a new account and added an American address, now the titles are viewable but on the "add to cart" corner of the page it still says:

" This title is not available for customers from your location in:
Middle East "

Apparently it's picking up my ip-address. The only way to fix it is buying the kindle and registering it? or there's another way to trick Amazon I'm actually in the US? I really wanna know cuz It'd be more ideal to try buying an e-book then ordering a kindle, risk-wise.

LOL I must sound paranoid! Thanks for your patience with me ^_^

Nemo said...

actually my way was not to have any credit card attached to the account with the kindle registered in it (account 1) I use the other account (account 2 with a credit card) to buy gift cards for the kindle account (account 1)(i just bought a book, using my gift card balance).

account 1 should have a US address only

*on another note, my friend is using an american express and he said he could buy books with it*

Snowflakes687 said...

Hello! I figured out a way that you can buy the books without registering the kindle in the first place, using your approach of gift-cards and an american account of course!

You can use the american account on a different browser '3air illi 3adatan tistakhdimainah(IE,firefox,opera..etc) and use an american IP address and port for that browser (internet options>connections>lan settings), this way amazon'll think you're in the US and you can buy the books using the gift cards from the Kuwait account! =D

Thanks so much for your gift cards idea!

Take care!

Nemo said...

glad that worked for you :)

abjdiat said...

nice trick, i guess i have another one, it takes some time and requires some friend or bro living in US...

ok, first let's explain something,
by default, if your ip indicates that you live in non-us-country, you will not be able browse e-books even if your payment method is valid american visa...

so, here what i did and it worked flawlessly with me...
1- ask your friend in the us to create an account, add his payment method, ...
2-log in to the account , add your master card, your address,make it the default payment method
3- now you will be able to browse, buy , download e-books to your account, iphone,bb kindle app,[I don't have physical kindle device but i guess it will work as well]

Rana said...

I already bought my kindle 3G WiFi from my SA account but was shipped to a US address.
-Does this mean it is already registered under this location?
-Would your idea of creating another account with no payment method works? or no since the i bought it with that other account associated with SA billing address?

I'm really depressed cuz tawny adry enneh ma yeshte'3el hena!!
was too excited to buy it rather than looking up the operating info :(

Nemo said...

Dear Jaffar
thanks for your idea :)
amazon don't check the ip while browsing, i could still browse for US kindle books

Dear Rana
don't be depressed .. it will work eitherway because you can deregister the kindle and register it for any account you want.
in all cases, you will enjoy reading on your kindle

email me if u have any other concern

Raul Souza Lima said...

Do you know if it works to buy apps on kindle fire?

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