Thursday, February 5, 2009

Work Flow Products

I have been thinking about automating various processes at work for quite a while ... for example in our department there is a process for unblocking a website that you think its important for your work. the process goes like:

1- You print the PDF form, fill it with the required info and sign it.
2- Ask your supervisor to sign it.
3- Give it to IT, IT will evaluate and unblock the website.

this is only one example, we have plenty of forms in each department.

* Do you have automated/online processes at work?
If yes =>
* Are you using a "Work Flow" product? or
* Are you manually developing these processes?
if no =>
* are you considering having automated/online processes at work?

Finally, have a nice weekend :)


Razz said...

you have a nice weekend too, enjoy it

TOOTA said...

have a nice weekend!!XD

Anonymous said...

We have automated processes at work. We use Sharepoint 2007 for lighter stuff becuase it has built in worfklow... it is easy to use and fast to create. i think it will suit your needs perfectly...

If you have oracle system you can use Oracle Worfklow but i do not really reccomend it...

Nemo said...

On-The-Rocks and TOOTA: You too Thanks :)))

danderma: i saw a demo of sharepoint/work flow ... but u got it we have oracle ....... Thanks :))

r you happy with share point? how was your experience with it?

MBH said...

One of our developers developed a "forms" system.

As for workflow: All paper work.

As for [un]blocking a website: We (the senior Admins) do that at will. *grin*

When it comes to our own procedures, we did change a few to make them easier for both the users and us.

Anonymous said...

Well to be honest i hate sharepoint. It is a nightmare to customize, the whole idea behind it is for normal users to be able to swap places with webmasters and do their own sites and customizations. Not only do users refuse to use it, they make your life living hell complaining about it AND asking you to make it look like a normal old fashioned website with customization that are not available...

Fa steer away!

If you need help with Oracle Worflow let me know.

Bashar said...

I worked for several locations. Worst was a place I needed to sign a form to bring in or out any software, or to move any data to my PC! I'm Software Eng and these are my permissions. NONE!

Other place we have some stupid but working somehow leave workflows. Otherwise it is usually manual.

At my last ministry job, surprisingly some forms are at least filled online.. and then printed for manual processing :)

Are you looking for a full fledged Document Management System with workflows? I never used Sharepoint, but if I had to do it, I'd use a web framework like Rails and work it out. Pretty flexible.

So in general I guess those forms are still manual in Kuwait even at corporate levels to great extent. Try to reach out KNPC as I know they have this workflow thing.

MBH said...

I've been evaluating some open-source Document Management Systems lately for our own usage (yes we prefer using open-source products) and I've found that OpenKM fits the requirements.

Its Enterprise edition (which requires payment) has Workflow management. Check out the online demo.

Standy said...

we have automated procces at work and we also use sharepoint which i agree with danderma, it is a nightmare to customize..

Right now the company is trying to go green, so they are trying as much as possible to make eveything electronicly..

Mahbob said...
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Mahbob said...

I saw ministry of finance they developed their on document over flow using sharepoint they have experience in this field we interviewed them so we are thinking to do the same for archiving documents for the ministry of education minister office .

but you have to do some calculations of the size of the documents and I did the study if you need some report I did about the subject I can send it to you.

also we asked Microsoft guys about sharepoint they have to know how many document to be online and how long you want it to be and after that where you need to archive .

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