Thursday, February 19, 2009

Windows 7

I guess everyone is talking about how great is Windows 7 and how it is going to be the best OS Microsoft has released (here is one review). I know that they have focused on performance but I haven't tried it nor my friends did.

Question is, have you tried it?


eshda3wa said...


Anonymous said...


From what I heard, and the short time it took them to come with Windows 7, I think what they called it as Vista SP3 is the most accurate. They just want to get people's mind off the bad Vista publicity.

I think it will be much more improvement in performance.

No, I did not try Vista my self yet. Just through my wife's laptop a bit, and I totally hate it.

MBH said...

Windows 7 is a clean up of Vista. It should have been a service pack rather than a new OS, but MS is selling it as a new OS because:

1) Vista is already tainted with bad publicity

2) New OS = $$$

However, Windows 7 beta is reported to be faster than Vista in both boot time and performance. (boot time because they closed useless services! Duh!!)

Don't get your hopes so high. MS always slashes features out of the final version.

It's also bundled with a new DRM scheme. I highly suggest you read it.

Hashimoto said...

When first heard about it i was really surprised , cause they had Seinfeld make them commercials for vista .
like MBH said , windows 7 is faster than Vista , didn't try it
but waiting for its release.

Razz said...

nope, might!!!

Nemo said...

eshda3wa: me too :p

Bashar: you're right it should be called vista sp3 :p but then no one would even try it :p

MBH: true!! the DRM thing is scary :S

Hashimoto: i think anyone with vista should go for it, if you're already using another OS, you should stick with it.

On-The-Rocks: when you do tell us how was ur exp with it :)

Anonymous said...

It's basically what Vista should've been. I like the new keyboard shortcuts, but that's about it. It's just clean up clean up clean up.

Nemo said...
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Nemo said...

3baidsblog: exactly, "what Vista should've been" :)

Vienna said...

Yeh I did.
And I kinda like Windows 7, 'cause it has cool stuff.
I've Windows XP again, 'cause my computer became way slower with 7.