Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nintendo DSi

On Pre-Order
Release Date: April 5th 2009


atoona said...

o la-la
me love gadgets!
i think i'll still stick w/ my red DS, love it too much ;p

Nemo said...

they say its not really different than the ds lite ... no big changes


Anonymous said...

If you have a DS Lite, there's really no point in getting a DSi :P

Qa6Wa said...

so it's jus have a cam n bigger screen??? hmmmm. i think i'll stick with my DSL, unless i see a pick version of the DSi n change my mind :P

Nemo said...

3baidsblog: true :)

BLaSha: lool

Qa6Wa said...

i meant pink :/

Qa6Wa said...
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Anonymous said...

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