Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quality Net Vs KEMS

I have been with quality net since 2001. I still want to stick them with just because i got used to them. I'll probably go after tomorrow to Info Connect to renew my subscription. My uncles are changing now to KEMS because they have an offer (2 Mbps for 180 KD) while Quality Net's offer is still (1 Mbps for 199 KD).

Do you think I should change?

And what is your connection at home? and how much do you pay?

Update: My Mom was in Info Connect, She renewed the subscription (Quality Net) (didn't wait for me), the offer was 2 Mbps for 225 KD (Download Speed: 200-240 KB/Sec)


TOOTA said...

well i heard that quality net is bad...ana fast telco..bas i forgot the price!!

Nemo said...

i heard too that fast telco are the best ... I think im just lazy :s

thnx TOOTA :)

Bashar said...

I am with Qnet for years, then suck at times, others good. I dont think Fasttelco are better.

Price? I am surprised they didn't lower their prices YET, but its the same story every year. Either double bandwidth for same price, or half price for same bandwidth. Same story by all ISPs, just wait. Qnet usually make offers in summer.

Unknown said...

The entire internet landscape in Infoconnect is quite confusing

Here is a quick summary

Lowest price is Fastelco but without modem, they assure that they can reconfigure your existing Qualitynet or KEMS supplied modem but I wonder if the modems supplied by other ISPs have any proprietary lock ins

United and Qualitynet are almost equal and there are a number of confusing double bandwidth offers

Qualitynet has the usual mix of coupons and daily draws.
There is an assured gift of a Norton AV and USB flash drive.

There is also a double your chances with Qstore and Just Ask (kiosk)

Anyone knows, how to collect the coupon after doing a online renewal

The worst part is that none of the ISPs seem to reward the return customer by giving a discount for renewal, renewal and new subscription are priced similarly.

Anonymous said...

go for Fast Telco :D

MBH said...

Fast Telco? Seriously? Just Googlize their name and see what people write about them.

I've been with QNet for a very long time, until recently where I started using e-Go. I just get more bang for the buck. Sometimes the torrents get 50 kB/s, sometimes 400 kB/s. Either way, it's cheaper than DSL!

MacaholiQ8 said...

2MB for 225KD?! Is that just an offer for the exhibition or a long lasting one?

Nemo said...

Blogger Bashar said...

i thought they didnt but they did .. its 225 KD for 2 Mbps and yes i've been too with Qnet for years .. don't want to change now

Tejas: thnx alot for the review :)
it was very helpful :)

"The worst part is that none of the ISPs seem to reward the return customer by giving a discount for renewal, renewal and new subscription are priced similarly."

so true ;(

Amu: khalas its Qnet :p thnx

MBH: lol .. i don't know my uncle says its good ... hmmmm

e-Go is a good personal solution, i can't have this option ... unless as an additional thing for me

MacaholiQ8: hmm i didn't ask it has to stay like that :s give them a call a7sam just to make sure