Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paperless (2)

So I have started the "Paperless phase" at work and I have been using the sticky notes for over 2 months now. It's not enough anymore! here is what I want:
  1. I want to keep the notes, store them to refer back to them anytime I want.
  2. I want to include pictures, maybe audio, video with the notes.
  3. I want to organize the notes based on defined tags.
  4. I want to be able to search my notes.

Here is one option: (I really like the features that it offers):

I want Google to create a smart online application for this (I don't like desktop applications).


Anonymous said...

How about you give this a try. It's not something you can display directly on your desktop bas close enough :)

MBH said...

The thing about online notes thingy that has the features you want: Too much bandwidth requirements + it already exists: It's called a draft :p (or just email yourself)

* The look of your desktop is just sad...

Keep in mind, most likely if you go with an MS product, you'll be stuck with their format until they come up with a new one which isn't compatible with the older... typical.

Nemo said...

byteofcoffee: thnx for the recommendation, will try it today ... :)

MBH: u're right im asking for too much from an online app.
as for MS, yes if im gonna use it i'll be stuck with it ;(

my desktop looks awful because i dont have a memory, i noticed that since i started writing those e-sticky notes, i became much better .. i don't forget stuff that i need to do and i started to be "organized"!

Nemo said...

luminotes .. no trial download, only a live online demo

i like it ... has the same idea as MS onenote, collection of notebooks, in each notebook you have different notes