Sunday, November 30, 2008

Complete the current? or Create a new one?

There is this in-house budget application that was developed by an ex-developer (PL/SQL, 15,000 lines of codes).

The following year and 2 weeks before using the application, they came up with huge list of errors they have faced with application the year before. I was forced to modify the application (that i didn't develop) in only 2 weeks! and moreover they kept asking for new requests over the following 2 months. The application now consists of over 26,000 ugly lines of codes.

For version 3 this year, Do I cont. building on it? or do I take it from scratch?
  1. Won't give up PL/SQL, althu the ugliest? but at the same time it's the fastest!
  2. I'm seriously thinking of switching to APEX (Oracle Application Express).
  3. I have Jan-Mar to build this.

I will still keep thinking ...


shamma aldabal said...
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shamma aldabal said...

hmm im no IT expert but i would say to continue on what u already have ..

unless there are major things u'd like to adjust ...

then i guess start from scratch ?

Anonymous said...

I have a thing for elegant code, so I'd say go with scratch. And 2 months sounds good enough, no?

doona said...

i would always go for a nice new one thats all yours =)

Aurous said...

I'm not an expert, but I think it's easier and much more simpler if you start your own :)

MBH said...

If it's documented, then stick with the existing one, and re-work on the pseudo code then fix the coded functions. Make sure to keep the documentation updated.

If it's not documented, scrap the project and do it properly from the start: Requirements study; sign it off. Business processes mapping (a.k.a blueprint phase); sign it off. Knock yourself out coding.

The first two phases might take about 2-3 months, but the coding becomes so much easy once everyone knows exactly what they want, and more importantly: THEY SIGNED FOR THE FUNCTIONS!

I know how it is with the business people sending change requests almost daily. They think it's just a 10 minute work and don't think of the complications :/
You can force them to sign change requests each time they want a change, with full explanation of why they want the change and details of the change's functionality.

Typed too much. Cheers.

Nemo said...

libero anima: thnx, yes if there are a lot of stuff i have to go from scratch :)

byteofcoffee: elegent code hmm sounds good :p 2 months if they left me alone yesssss no doubt, thnx :)

Dandoon: exactly it will be mine hmmmm thnx :)

Aurous: u're right, it will be simpler, thnx :)

MBH: no documentation :p so u're saying redo the thing,
as for forcing them ... hmm its difficult specially when the its in-house app :p but i'll find a way to force them ... thnx :)

so i guess i'll prepare myself from now to start everything from scratch ...

thnx :)

MBH said...

The programs our Java devs do are in-house as well, and they ended up enforcing the managers asking for change requests to fill in a paper for each request (each request on a separate paper) with detailed info and sign it.

When people ask for change, they don't realize the amount of work behind it, and sometimes it requires a whole design change because they didn't mention they require function X in the system!! (e.g. reporting/authentication/graphs)

This is why you take your time with the first 2 phases, and still build your system to be easily updated in the future.

Documentation stinks. We all hate it, yet we can't live without it :/
Find someone to do it ;p

Nemo said...

i have met with finance over the summer, i collected basic overview of they feel about the app and what they want in version 3 ...

this time i'm planning to write all of out i have a document and let them sign it ...

"Documentation stinks" SO TRUE! this time im gonna use MS ONENOTE to write everything while i develop .. to help build the doc

"Find someone to do it ;p" I WISH .. but i do everything from a to z
(all of us do that)

Anonymous said...

Just build it from scratch. 3rd time is lucky :)

Nemo said...

thanks marioalvares :)