Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Java Poster

If ( You instanceof Programmer && You have an empty wall && You like Java )
check this: Java Poster. I bought this last year, looks great in the office!
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MBH said...

Where did you buy this geeky thing?

This would make a great gift for a couple of friends! :D

Nemo said...

amazon :p

MeeMzZ said...

LOOOL what is it for?!;p

Nemo said...

decorating your office :p

Bashar said...

Nice... Java changed my life times and times. Then I decided to move to Rails

This reminds me of the Chemistry table.

Anonymous said...

"if & else" statment :D

Ra-1 said...

ماشوف شي :p

Anonymous said...

coool, I would love to get one :D

MBH said...

:/ They have standard edition only! Who codes with that?!

Their enterprise versions are 1.2-1.4 only -_-;

If I get that to any of friends, they'd slap me with the Introduction to Java book :p

Anonymous said...

oooh I should get one! It would look great in my office!

doona said...

so wat does it have written in it?

im kind of a tech retard! hehe

Nemo said...

Bashar: hmmm I have a friend who left java for Rails too ... + chemistry table i agree :p

full of energy: :D

Ra1: lool :p

Dandoon: hmmm Java class libraries :p

Amu: yes get one :)

MBH: wait i'll post more gift ideas :p

byteofcoffee: you should :p i wish i can find more mafy! i have also the design patterns poster in my office .. bs the java poster a7la!

Bashar said...

Really? There is another Kuwait Rails guy who is also ex-Java. That could really be me ;)

Nemo said...

etha esmek bashar ya3ni mo enta :p

Bashar said...

Owww :(

I should meet'm then someday ;)

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

Oh my God :|
No seriously.. OH MY GOD!!!!

This is a poster made in heaven.. *MUST..ORDER*

Thanks for giving me the link to this post. I hope they have a J2EE version of it!! (Or at least the Servlets APIs).

Nemo said...

lol its really beautiful .. :)

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

Indeed.. *tears in eyes*

I love the instanceof usage! So Java-ishly geeky ;)