Monday, November 24, 2008

iGoogle Gadgets by you & me (1)

This will create butterflies which will fly around the screen. You can also pick them up and move them :)

This frog follows your mouse and eats the flies you give it :p

Google News

Search Wikipedia

Yamli's Smart Arabic Keyboard to write and search in Arabic

Quotes of the Day
Current Moon phase

Google Reader


those eyes follow your cursor around the screen


I'm still adding more of what you have recommened, some of them didn't work for me-dont know why. if you still have more cool/useful gadgets list them please :)


MBH said...

The Gmail picture contains email addresses. You might wanna blur/shade them.

Watch out from pervs.

MBH said...

I forgot to add: I use the classic theme with no gadgets nor widgets.

Old Skool, yo!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips.. i added some of the stuff u mentioned :P

doona said...

7abbait the gonna try them! =)

Charmbracelet said...

Im not getting it!!=( where are u getting em from?

Nemo said...

MBH: thnx i'll change it, as for the gadgets i will add the gadgets in the world just like with facebook and then start removing them and stick with the one i need :p

ZaMaHReeR: u're most welcome n have fun ;)

Dandoon: ee wanasa, fe 3ala fish o ladybird too :p

Charmbracelet: gadgets?
you should also have any google account (gmail, webhistory, et)