Sunday, November 23, 2008


What are you favorite gadgets in iGoogle?
What is your favorite theme?
Can you recommend some cool gadgets?


Charmbracelet said...

wanasa!=D i didnt know about this !=p hehe
shookran =)

Nemo said...

now you should search for cool stuff o tell me about them :p

atoona said...

i love igoogle, madre shloon we lived without it before?
ur gadgets are similar to mine!
fav. gadgets Google Reader, Yamli smart arabic keyboard, prayer times, iphone mp3 player..
i'm still looking 4 more intersting ones :)

btw, i think u should add one of the "artist themes" they'll make ur page look more lively ;)

Aurous said...

I have Gmail, Google Reader, Wikipedia and Translator.

and I like the classic google them :D

doona said...

actually im not big on google at all...i ndont even use their search engine!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get myself to like iGoogle :/

Nemo said...

atoona: thnx the recommendations, i'll try them :)
the artist themes hmm let me try :)

Aurous: thnx :) i dont have wikipedia, translator, i'll add them

Dandoon: what search engine do you use?

3baid: what do you like? does Mac have these? :p

Bashar said...

Well it seems so many new changes and interface. I've only used it long time back, but I would suggest things to help track and update important things, for example if you have to-do lists or such, like Remember the milk.

I also have some good gadgets:

- Daily quotes (nice for every day update)
- Google News (could be useful)
- Search History
- Stock Market (If you're into it)
- Interesting Items for you
- Current Moon Phase
- Ask Yahoo

You know what. You got me into it. I will give it another shot.

Bashar said...

Ohh and, IP Address Lookup

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I have never used it so I am a bad person to answer :D

Nemo said...

thnx Bashar for the recommendations, "IP Address Lookup" is interesting :)

Amu, you should start using it :p

Nemo said...

Bashar, can you specify the exact keyword when i search for:

-Daily quotes (nice for every day update)
- Search History
- Stock Market (If you're into it)


doona said...

yahoo hehe ;)
a7esa more organized...

Nemo said...

yahoo hmm never used it since highschool ayam britney lol