Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Your Recommendations and More

I have summarized all your recommendations (Thanks you). click on the image to enlarge.

Now, the next question => Do you
  1. watch them on TV?
  2. watch them online?
  3. buy the original DVDs?
  4. buy the unoriginal copy version?
  5. download them using torrents?
  6. other ways?

r'teer posted a website for watching them online. it's really cool and althu I like to download them I will still use it if there was a missing episode that I couldn't find.

personally I download them using easynews. I have been using it for 5 years now (feels guilty ;()and its really good because they are direct links "unlike torrents" so it will give you the max download speed.


Hottie said...

www.watchtvsitcoms.com. I never used it, buit I've been told it works. I'm not sure if that's the same website that that blogger suggested, anyways, enjoy!

Aurous said...

I prefer to download them using torrents so I can give them to my friends or cousins :)

It's true that torrents don't give you the maximum speed.. but when there is pressure on the connection it will become really slow and no one can complain about me downloading all the time :p

J o u j a™ said...

thanks a lot my dear ,, im dying to download dirt and i want the 2nd season of jungle lipstick

Anonymous said...

i use something called greatstuff tv...not sure of the website but just google that in. its got a wholee bunch of series there..im sure itll have everything youd want!

Nemo said...

asked for a software to be installed ;( I dont like that
but thanks :)

I can't wait for torrents :( but everyone I know is downloading using torrents

dirt will be added to my list :)

www.greatstufftv.com is blocked by quality net @@ ;(

Anonymous said...

I vote Heroes :)

MBH said...

Direct links die after a while but torrents live much longer, as long as the material is worth it.

mininova and Pirate Bay are my sources.

P.S.: If you use e-Go or Wataniya, better stick to direct links since both connections are firewalled and limit your connectivity severely.

MBH said...

I forgo to mention that I use Vuze/Azureus for torrents.

The options and plugins it provides are so powerful and amazing, plus it utilizes a distributed network, so if the tracker is dead, there's still chance you get peers/seeds for your torrent.

MBH said...

I just remembered a hilarious show: Titus. 90s show. Unfortunately it ended earlier than expected since its starring actor passed away.

Anonymous said...

downloading them by torrent

i get high speeds ,,, around 125kb/s

my list is :

CSI Miami

Two and a Half Men


Prison Break

The Daily Show <=== i just love there moment of zen

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles

According to jim

Dirty Sexy Money

Law & Order SVU

My Name Is Earl

The King Of Queens <=== unexpected ending

weeds <== 18+

long list i know ,,,, but that's is what weekend made for ^__^

Bashar said...

I am still to seriously follow any series :)

Think I might start with Big Bang Theory. It's about geeks isn't it?

MBH said...

bashar: Nerds to be exact.

MBH said...

I forgot to mention "Monk"

Nemo said...

thanks guys :D
i will be updating the list and create a new one :)
i got busy watching what you have recommended they are so cool!