Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Episodes ... So Far

season 5 [ exciting :) ]

season 2 [ cool :) ]

season 2 [ love it :) ]
season 5 [ boring ;( ]
season 3 [ fun :) ]
Note: I'm new to watching tv series. I used to watch seinfeld only repeatedly over and over again because I love it!!!! and If I wanted to change I would watch a movie but recently I feel that there are no more movies to download and I needed a change ...

What are your favorites/recommendations? (I need to download more and watch more!)


q8Honey said...

I'm not a big fan of gossip girl ;/ but grey's anatomy season 4 was ... lets say alot of BLOOD ;/ i couldn't handle it i closed my eyes almost half of the episodes .. so more love less blood is better ;p didn't reach season 5 yet

doona said...


Anonymous said...

oooh im currently lovingggg season 2 gossip girl! this season is soo good

thats about the only thing i watch though..everything is in its 3rd/4th season and i cant be bothered to start from the beginning! if im really bored and just wana watch something where i dont have to think..i'll watch The hills. bas its kinda stupid =P

Hottie said...

I stopped watching lost after the second season, they get more boring by the season. Privileged is this new show that I like, so is 90210 (the new version), sexy dirty money is also cool. Brother's and sisters. These, and gossip girl are what I'm watching these days.

Aurous said...

I'm currently watching
prison break
ugly betty
house md
and grey's anatomy :)

Nemo said...

q8honey: i thought season 4 of greys anatomy is the final season la2na last episode kanat 7lwa ... season 5 awal episode kanat below expections => momela + 3adya you can include it in any season

dadooon: havnt seen lost ... i will see if i can download season 1thnx :)

desertpalms: gossip girl 2 is really good :)
desparate housewives => started watching it from season 4 lol 3adi ana :P
i will be checking the hills thnx :)

sexy dirty money
Brother's and sisters
thnx for the recommendations :D

you reminded me of ugly betty lol i forgot to add it! season 3 is really cool (i like season 2 more than 1) hopefully 3 will be even better
i'll be checking
house md
prison break ana sheft 1,2,3 .. 1 kan 7looooo in 2,3 malait :p
madri etha 4 is different!

thnx girls for your recommendations really i will be checking all of them :):):)

yesterday after my post i started downloading the first episode of "the secret life of the america teenager" its new so i dont know if its good or not

J o u j a™ said...

well i would go for lipstick jungle
and lately i am being addicted to "two and half men" its really funny ;p

MBH said...

- Heroes
- Prison Break
- House M.D.
- The Big Bang Theory
- Chuck
- Mind Your Language (Old 80s show)
- The IT Crowd (Old show)
- Married With Children (Old show)

This doesn't include anime ;p

Emarket said...

i need a recommendations too ,

what do u think of mad men ?

eshda3wa said...


season 3 just started

bs its only 12 episodes per season so u can catch up fast
its really good

Emarket said...

check this out

Nemo said...

jouja, mbh and eshda3wa

thnx :D
i have included your recommendations in my newer post

and r'teer

thnx for the link :D