Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Secret Language of Birthdays

This book is really FUN!!!! I take this book with me to every gathering I go to. Even if you're not interested in astrology it will still be fun to you. Each birthday gets two pages which contain info such as who was born on this day, a personality evaluation, tarot, health, advice, meditation, and more. The book covers each day of the year. I can send you a copy of your birthday pages if you like.
I do have more books (ex: The secret language of relationships by the same author) but this one definitely is the best and everyone liked it.


doona said...

i dont know why bs this stuff ma yathbe6 weyay kilish :S

bs theyre always interesting for a ga3da i suppose ;)

Aurous said...

where do you get these books from?
7da wanasa these stuff :)

PaLoMiNo said...

ALAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH a7eb hal sowleef!!!:)

Nemo said...

you can buy it from
i bought it from there :)

this book is really fun :D

i will try to scan some pages cuz i couldnt find any sample pages

any birthday you want me to look for? :p