Friday, October 24, 2008

Linksys Router

Since my mom couldn't connect to the wireless network from her room (week signal) and since my router (D-Link) is 3 years old now, I decided to buy a new one. (all of my friends told me to go for a Linksys).

My new router is Linksys WAG160N. [Alghanim-Avenues, 42.5 KD]

Installation was ok althu there was something wrong with the Installation CD. It kept saying that the ethernet cable is not connected althu it was connected!

The range is wider now. I tried to connect from every room in the house and it was fine.

Update: I couldn't wait till Saturday morning to go with my uncle to Hawally to buy some stuff, he just sent me an SMS telling me he found it there for 32 KD only lol! ... so don't go to Al-Ghanim :p


doona said...

it loooks prettier than my ugly silver one :S

Spur said...

i need to buy a new router mine is always disconnected and so slow

MBH said...

Linksys stinks, in my opinion.

Their installation/deployment method is retarded, and their crap CD doesn't always include the whole manual!

The quality of their hardware isn't worth the price tag. I would much prefer NetGear.

You can find NetGear in Computer City, basement of Al-Rihab complex in Hawalli.

Nemo said...

i havn't tried Linksys before, lets see ... yes the installation cd is crap and no manuals :p

spur u can try NetGear (mbh) :p and then tell us if its good :p

Nemo said...

the most important thing to me now is my mom. i asked her today if she was able to connect and she told me it was fine :p