Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palmistry - Marriage Line

I chose the "Relationship Lines" because EVERY ONE asks about them first before any other line. They are considered to be of the Minor lines in Palmistry. (If you're a lefty look at your left hand).

  1. Strongly marked: A marriage or close relationship.
  2. Weakly marked: Romantic attachment.
  3. Long and straight: A long and happy relationship.
  4. Broken: Divorce or separation.
  5. Double line: A relationship with two people at the same time.
  6. Curved downward: will outlive partner.
  7. Strong curve upward to base of little finger: Staying unmarried but not celibate.
  8. Curve upward to the line of the sun: A marriage to a famous or wealthy person of the lines do not quite touch. if the lines cross, the marriage will be unhappy.
  9. Starts with a fork: Delay or frustration at the start of the relationship.
  10. Ends in a fork: A divorce or separation.
  11. Crossed by a line running from base of fingers of mercury: Opposition to a relationship.
  12. Crossed by girdle of Venus: An unhappy marriage, a nagging partner.

Palm Reading for Beginners and Little Giant Encyclopedia: Fortune Telling.


What lines do you have?


Anonymous said...

wow all of this can be in one single (or double) line!!

i think i have a weak line :|

Spur said...

Strong curve upward to base of little finger!

desertpalms said...

=S madriii...i cant find mine.

mine is non existent loool WHY ISNT THAT AN OPTION!

Anonymous said...

OMG ... OMG !!!
I don't have a Marriage line !!!!

need help !!
help !!
help !!
i want to marry and have a kid to continue my name after me !!

i well use the knife and make a BIG HAPPY marriage line on my hand !!

Qa6Wa said...

i dun have any lines in that portion! but again, i'm lefty, can i use my right hand for this, oh wait! my right hand doesnt have any lines in that portion either, what does this mean? i'll be all myself for ever and ever? oh well, thas no news :P

PaLoMiNo said...


ma a3ref :X

egreely my kaaaaaaaf? :****

MBH said...

According to your lovely chart, I have no head o_O;

How about I take a picture of my palm and send it to you for analysis?

Nemo said...

first of all: its written in the book that the lines do change with time so guys dont worry u still have a chance :p

zamahreer: romantic attachment :p

spur: Staying unmarried but not celibate :p

desert palms & sinfuleye:
loool wait yemken y6la3 el line in the near future :p

blasha: @@ :p

palomino & mbh:
im just learning amsek el ketab o a7awel ena agra :p send me ur hand :p

Nemo said...

my hand:

one line that ends in a fork: divorce or separation

and another broken line (weaker than the first)


q8Honey said...

its one of two things, either i'm not gonna get married or i'm gonna have an unhappy marriage .. ma3aref ;p

Qa6Wa said...

shno "@@" and ":P"

i demand an answer!


Nemo said...

q8honey: let ur friends yshofon ur hand too to judge :p (for fun bs :p)

blasha: i didnt know what to say loool bs lines will appear ... wait and keep monitoring :p


MBH said...


I sent you my palm's pic a few days back ... is it that hard to read it @@ (wella 6anash? :p)

Nemo said...

loool la2 :p
en6er im just a beginner '7alni at3alam kel el lines o agolek :p
i know im lazy :p

Anonymous said...

pls visiblelly tell people dnt beleive on it

Anonymous said...

А вы гадаете на Рождество? вот как надо - рождественские гадания

Unknown said...

is marriage line for boys n girls are different....??? to see marriage line in girl hande.. which ahnd to see left hand or right hand??????

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

Anonymous said...

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Keep up the good work!

Alan said...

amazing post. Every one is start watching there palm and try to find out the meaning of marriage line. I really like this post. Palm reading requires the good analysis and study of palmistry.