Monday, September 22, 2008

Open Office!

I needed to open a doc file today and I discovered that I don't have Microsoft word installed.

1- Why won't all applications be online .... mo arya7? i hate installing software, I think that all software should be "convereted" to web applications o '7alas. the hard-disk will then be used only for storage!
2- I decided to download OpenOffice. If you're stuck like me download it, It seems to be a good. it comes with six different flavors.
  • Writer: (Microsoft Word, word processor)
  • Base: (Access, databases)
  • Calc: (Excel, spreadsheets)
  • Impress (Power Point, presentations)
  • Math (writing mathematical equations)
  • Draw (sketching diagrams)

For more info:


Anonymous said...

Why don't you use Google Docs?

Loolykinns said...

forget about google and microsoft... openoffice is brilliant!!!

free, efficient and sufficient

doona said...

my freind uses it too..
i like how its just one for everything, you know what i mean?

Nemo said...

3baid: e my friend told me about google docs bs i didnt try it ...
i'll check it out thnx :D

loolykinns: looks like open office is really great!

you mean one product that has all these sub-products ..

Moos the Monk said...

I've been using the Open Office for about a year now and it works fine... there's an alternative also if you want to just view or print a Microsoft Word file without being able to edit it... just download MS Word viewer
there's a viewer also for PowerPoint and Excel