Sunday, September 21, 2008

Online Payment

why is it so scary to do the online payment thing :s
its simple ... lets state some facts:
* I'm not going to store any credit card info.
* I'm only sending the amount, order id to the payment gateway.
* The result will be either accepted or not accepted.
* Before updating the DB, I should check if its a double post (sometimes the payment gateway sends back the result more than once).
* DB connection entries are encrypted in the config file (ASP.NET).

What else ... ? isn't simple? is it scary because its simple or maybe because it involves money?

Have you ever developed something like that? I have already done everything but I keep reviewing the things I have done serveral times in my head ..


Big Pearls said...

I do use online payment sometimes..I find it convenient.

doona said...

it used to intimidate me in the beginning, but now im comfortable with the idea :)

Nemo said...

i love online payment, arya7!!
bs lama 9ar ana ely lazim asawy el shay i got scared.


eshda3wa said...

i NEVER shop online

not because im afraid of anything
but i can never buy anything i never actually touched

Nemo said...

yes i tried to buy clothes once bs kanat tajroba fashla (material was not what i want)

but books no i do buy books all the time ...