Friday, August 27, 2010

The New Amazon Kindle (6-inch)

Kindle 3 is finally here :D

Wifi edition price: $139 (I bought kindle 2 for $389 in feb 09)

Amazon Highlights:
* 50% better contrast than any other e-reader. (what i'm looking for)
* New crisper, darker fonts. (what i'm looking for)
* 21% smaller body while keeping the same 6" size reading area.
* A single charge lasts up to one month with wireless off.
* Double the Storage (4 GB) ... Up to 3,500 Books.
* Built-In Wifi.
* 20% Faster Page Turns.
* Enhanced PDF Reader – With dictionary lookup, notes, and highlights.

The Engadget Review:


I've already placed my order on August 15th and I'm still waiting for my kindle to be shipped, hopefully today :)


Anonymous said...

is the kindle easy to use? cz I tried the sony e-reader 7ada m3aqad ma 7baita :/

Nemo said...

umm what did you not like about the sony? define easy-to-use? :)

i guess its pretty simple ... home screen lists all books ordered by author, title or recently used ...

the only thing that i didn't like first when i got my kindle 2 was getting used to the "location" instead of the page number at the bottom of each page ..

i don't much use the notes and highlights ..

dictionary is useful ..

doona said...

i was thinking of getting one for my medical textbooks, bas madry

is there like a special format to use? or just regular pdf? also, can it show colored pictures and what not if its within the text? also, can you use the highlight/notes and save the changes you made?

Anonymous said...

im never a fan of e readers , i like to keep it old schools , real books , very friendly to the eye

swera said...

yeah me too just like Noon! books, real books r more fun to read!

but maybe i may use it for newspapers 3shan matedamar edi mn el ink :P

Bloggylife said...

Mine will be shipped on the 17th but I got the cover :P Maybe I should stuff in a book while waiting for the kindle ;)
I opted to finally getting one after seeing the pile of books I have oo from your demonstration, the screen is awesome.

Nemo said...

*i think you may wanna wait for the colored e-ink since you need it for medical books ... e-readers are still in B&W ;( kindle is perfect for regular books with no pictures ..

*kindle has a native pdf reader but honestly i haven't tried ... I buy all my books directly form amazon (and yes they are in a special amazon format)

*you can add highlights and notes but its not very fancy .. i don't use it much ..

I'm not an ipad owner but my cousin really likes it since its colored ... i definitely prefer the e-ink (paper like ink)

Nemo said...

justnoon & sweera:

i totally understand ;p but the reason why i love my kindle is mainly:
1- i can buy any book at any time and start reading it instantly ..
2- its so portable and it feels like u're carrying ur library where ever you go ..

but i don't blame i sometimes miss real books ;p

Nemo said...

Bloggylife: lol ;p i'm sure you're gonna love it :) its a portable library :)

but amazon MUST provide a way to share books with friends .. this is their third kindle yalla

Aurous said...

I prefer real books as well... but it's difficult to get decent books here in kuwait so downloading may be the best way to go :)

Blue Sensei said...

I prefer the feel of real pages, but I wouldn't mind getting an e-reader to get some books that we may not find here :)

you mentioned colored e-ink... any news on when it'll be available? :p

Nemo said...

Aurous: I highly recommend the kindle, you'll just love it :)

Blue Sensei: yeah true :) colored e-ink umm i'm predicting 2011-2012, the next kindle generation (4th) but still too early to tell :)

sweetd said...

I like! shaklee im going to get one...:D

Nemo said...

hehe 7ada worth it ;)

بوطلال said...

وصل جهازي Kindle DX
جميل جداً بس وجهولي تحذير ذرب لاني برى أمريكا, الظاهر صادوني من الفيزا, عندك حل عشان اشغل الوايرلس ؟

Nemo said...

this is my older post on how to buy books for your kindle:

create a new amazon US account (US Address .. dont put the visa details) and register the kindle with the other account

email me if you need anything else

Anonymous said...

I've been one of the ones whom benefited from your older post on how to get the kindle to work in Kuwait, so thank you soo much for that.

Now I come again with a new question. How much do you like this new Kindle? vs. the old one that is?

I've got the Kindle2, and I like it a lot, except I don't have wifi.

So my question is, do you recommend getting the Kindle3 or stick to Kindle2?

And mashkoora wayd wayd :)

Nemo said...

first of all thank you so much :)

the reason i love kindle 3 is because of the 50% better contrast. honestly this is the only reason. If you read a lot you'll enjoy reading on kindle 3 (font is much clearer).

the wifi is always off, I'm not really using it for anything.

let me know if you have any other question :)

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know what to ask. I love my Kindle2, and I still don't see anything iriitating about it at all.

And about the WiFi thing, I don't really miss the feature. But since you already have it on the Kindle3, is it that easy to buy books directly from it without having to go through the laptop, like I do?

Like I said, I'm very happy with my Kindle2. The resolution so far is amazing, and the screen looks like a real book page. How much improvement is there with the new Kindle?

Also, do the smaller back and next page buttons make you annoyed in any way?

Thank you so much for your support :)

Nemo said...

hey :)

I have never used the wifi on my kindle, I don't actually need it :)

The only difference to me between the two is the contrast, if you check any picture that displays kindle 2 vs kindle 3, you will notice how the contrast is much better in kindle 3

kindle 3 is also smaller and lighter but that didn't make a big difference to me, kindle 2 is still a small device

the back and next page buttons are only sometimes annoying but that's totally fine

I don't use the keyboard that much but in kindle 3 they removed the last row (numbers), if you noticed to make it smaller.


Anonymous said...


So I don't know if you'll be able to help me, but I thought I'd ask.

I just bought a Kindle, loving it so far! The problem is that I bought a few books with your method (separate account, using gift cards) and it worked fine. Then I tried buying another book and I'm getting this message: You attempted to purchase an item while in a different country than listed on your Amazon account.

Now I'm getting really depressed cause I can't get any more books :( Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Nemo said...

hi there :)
first tell me is this the new kindle (3rd generation) because you can even buy with you master card, it's global?

let me know

Anonymous said...

Yes it's the new kindle

Anonymous said...

Oh and I bought it from the US store, had it shipped to the Aramex address in NY, if that makes a difference

Nemo said...

that's weird! I have the new kindle ordered thru aramex
too and I'm even buying with my kuwaiti master card!

have u tried to buy a book from the kindle directly using the wifi? (I haven't done that)

is it only with specific books? if u yes - list one so i can try

other than that, umm i'll google and try to find if anyone is facing the same problem ...

Anonymous said...

I just realized was working fine until I tried buying from the Kindle itself! I just googled this and it turns out that if you buy from the Kindle using wifi it checks the IP address! That's kind of weird, but at least I figured it out.

Do you think I should make another account and try only buying from my computer?

Anonymous said...

Well that idea didn't work. I made another account and "bought" a free book, and they emailed me saying that certain books aren't available everywhere...and you can guess the rest.