Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why Nexus?

I don't know why but I kept wondering all day about the "Google's Nexus" name. From the articles I've read, it turns out that the name "may" have came from a 1968 novel called "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The author's daughter is actually thinking of suing Google for the name!! (mako sh'3l :p)

"On another note, Why can't Google make their mobile look more fancier's boring"
Article One
Article Two


Bloggylife said...

LOL, I was wondering the same thing but because Cisco already named the next family switches Nexus :P

I thought it's because Nexus means connections.

People sue 3ala atfah el-asbab :P oo e7na ehnee don't sue at all.

MBH said...

Your definition of "nicer" is different from Google's. I find the phone quite nice in its looks, but at the same time, I don't care how the phone looks; I care for functionality.

The "nicer" look mentality is more of an iPhone fanboy/girl thing :P

Because it's pointless to sue in Kuwait. You have 2 issues:

1) The prosecution process takes ages here and is not up to date with technological issues. A professor in Computer Engineering had to evaluate a case for the court once; the case was 10 years old!!!!!

2) Some companies worth suing like Zain for privacy & malpractice issues are backed up by high figures, so your case won't see the light -- ever.

Welcome to a world of retardation & monopoly. A bootiful world. (Zain pun intended)

MBH said...

Note1: The book you linked to is 2^8 pages (Paperback: 256 pages)! LOL!

Note2: The link to the book is to the original book. There is a "dumbed-down" version by Oxford -- avoid that!

Nemo said...

BloggyLife: we don't waste our time over suing :p we are smarter! lol

MBH: I know my definition is different :p but still they should it make it less boring for me :p the interface is soooo boring

i didn't get your notes :p

MBH said...

Notes: The geeky book has 2^8 pages. That's really geeky! (seems intentional by the author).

There are two versions of that book. The original which you linked to, and another by Oxford, which is a rewrite of the original and is crappy.

As for the looks, I think Google did that simple User Interface (UI) for a reason: Leave room for manufacturers to distinguish themselves, in addition to hardware & services.

Nemo said...

ee okay lol now i got it :p

Anonymous said...

I didnt like the device from the first time I looked at it so didnt bother to read more on the features!

Mix said...

From what I've read so far, the Nexus really is going to give the I-Phone a run for its money, especially as its going to be cheaper (in Europe/USA you can buy it without a contract).

As for the name, I agree. They could have done a much better job. (What's wrong with the G-Phone for example ??)

Hamad said...

looks like htc's dull designs..

karmen said...

cant agree more:)
good job

KwAm said...

I used a shampoo from Nexxus, they should sue them too, and give me some of the money if they win.

Nemo said...

Amu: yeah me too!

Mix: yeah they said its going to be much cheaper than the iphone, that's the good part ... G-phone? lol

Hamad: exactly

karmen: thanks :)


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

MBH said...

As far as I know, You can order it now for $529.

The US version works on our networks but doesn't have multitouch due to Apple's copyright on that (LAME!).

Nemo said...

Anonymous: Thanks so much :) yeah people do change over time :p

MBH: thats lame!! its all about the money :S