Friday, January 22, 2010

Thoughts: What do you guys do in IT?

Someone asked me today "btw, what do you guys do in IT exactly?"

I thought for 5 seconds and then I said:

 "Well, we do everything in order to frustrate our users, we like to see them suffer"


(to MBH :p)
'I do realize that this is only 'wishful thinking', in reality, its the users who drive us crazy and make us suffer'


Bashar said...

Bull's EYE

MBH said...

You've just managed to have almost any IT guy hate you now, as they all lost the chance for an understanding to their efforts.

You could've told him: Without us, you'd have to bring a USB flash memory and a signed form, everytime you want a file to work on; we'll verify the signature and then you'll take a copy of the file. Later on, return the fresh copy, and sign more paper work. (Network facilitation)

Nemo said...

this is what i felt at the moment sorry :p

MBH said...

You're on my blacklist now till further notice :p

Nemo said...

maybe it's a *secret wish*
sorry again :p

Nemo said...

maybe because im working from home today :p

Danderma said...

You should have replied "oh we get ur problems, we google the solution on your behalf and they we give them to you! You should try that one day and save us all the trouble of such Q!!!"

Jeez! IT without users is the best thing on earth!

Nemo said...


i like that!!!

Aya's Mom said...

lol @ Danderma's response.

"Let's just say that without us, you're nothing"....I think I'd say that.

MBH said...

Hey I just saw the update! Should've left a comment so I'd get an email or something! Sneaky you :p

Allah yer7am ayyam el DOS where EVERYONE knew the commands and typed them in a shell. Now, not only most is spoiled, but are too lazy & dumb to read error messages or the bloody manual that comes with applications!

A secretary once called the IT department & no one was there but me (everyone else ran off escaping work). Couldn't understand what she wanted, so I went to her office. Turned out that she didn't know how to add a column for a table in Microsoft Word. Seriously. I swear.

Lucky her, I was in a good mood and didn't give her the stink-eye and humiliation look.

How hard is it to click: Help -> Help Contents?
Or use a search engine?!?!

I lurk in a Linux IRC channel to learn & support users. Those who ask dumb questions get the usual link:

Bloggylife said...

why didn't you tell the person to get the hell out :P

It pains me to answer :P tears are forming up my eyes ... the agony, the drama, the pain, the ups, and down down down down down of being an IT :P

We do suffer but occasionally when we are pushed over our logical limits beyond that in fact we inflict PAIN in a sneaky smack on the back of your head kinda way .. till the managers come down running hehehehehehehehe memories the FUN of it all.

I like what Danderma said, YUP, IT without users is the best thing on earth! that is without dumb whinny users ;D

Nemo said...

MBH: lol users are too lazy to try and figure out the problem themselves :p a user who's hard-disk was crashed once actually thought that his files are stored in the monitor =D we should share stories :p

bloggylife: lool i should have :p
you miss IT don't you :p

MBH said...

We had an extra LCD so the net admin & myself thought of replacing a CRT for one of the receptionists. Took the LCD to her desk and before unplugging the old CRT, she said: "Allah y3afeek, abi el icons nafs-hom & ib nafs el tarteeb!!"

I have no idea how I controlled myself, but I said: "OK!", unplugged the CRT, plugged the LCD (powered off), lifted the CRT above the LCD and shook it as if icons are falling into the LCD!!
The net admin burst in laughter, I yell at him: "AN ICON ESCAPED!! CATCH IT!!!"

We laugh hard, power on the LCD and walk away...

Bloggylife said...

LOL MBH you're mean :P

Only 10% of me misses working, the other 90% kicks the 10% in the butt saying HELL NO :P oo ba3deeen la7qeeen ma buga shay and I'll be back :D LOL

Nemo said...

i wish i was there!!!!!

bloggylife: e yalla finish we miss you :p

non-IT ppl should not read this post :p