Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love vs Desire

“What is commonly called “falling in love” is in most cases an intensification of egoic wanting and needing. You become addicted to another person, or rather to your image of that person. It has nothing to do with true love, which contains no wanting whatsoever. The Spanish language is the most honest in regard to conventional notions of love: 'Te quiero' means “I want you” as well as “I love you”. The other expression for “I love you”, 'tea mo', which does not have ambiguity is rarely used-perhaps because true love is just as rare.”

From the book, A New Earth Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.


doona said...

i want to steal this and re-blog it!


Nemo said...

its yours :)

Mix said...

Same concept sort of exists in Italian - not exactly like the reasons stated though.

'Ti voglio bene' (I want you good)- is almost always used.For example, when you want to express feelings of love to your family or friends you would use it. But it is also used between couples.

'Ti amo' on the hand is only used as an expression of passion/desire.

Haider said...

Not a big fan of Tolle.

In fact, I wrote an article called The Power of Numb in criticism of his ideas.

I could go on and on, but I'll leave that for when I write my book on him. :P

Nemo said...

Mix: i wish i can learn Italian or Spanish

Haider: I'm not a big fan either but i liked what he said here :)

Bashar said...

And how does "I See You" weight in here :)

Haider: We're not big fans of you either :P

Nemo said...

whats "I see you" :p

Haider said...

Nemo, you should know by now that Bashar is a stalker. That's how he gets his high.

Bashar, I don't have a witty response to use, but make sure you come with adequate protection to the football game. You have been warned.

MBH said...

I believe that today's [mis]conception of love is a mere crush: You're indulged and blinded by the image you perceived of a person. Similar to what Tolle said.

As for Love ... it's the attachment to something after having it for such a long time; knowing its faults and quirks, and still loving it for what it gives you and how it keeps changing your life to the better. (I liked this & gonna quote myself on it!)

Note: [] are used in Linux manuals to denote optional parameters.

Nemo said...

Haider: lool

MBH: i like what you said here :)
using "[]" is creative :p

Aya's Mom said...

I agree with MBH. I think love doesn't (shouldn't?) happen but once in a lifetime. We go around saying "Oh hey I'm in love this time!" when we've actually just ended another relationship, during which we thought that we were in love.
We probably don't understand ourselves and mistaken "love" with "chemistry".

Nemo, I was gonna write about this issue :p

Nemo said...

Noor: why can't love happen more than once?
it's a very broad topic, waiting for your post :)