Monday, January 11, 2010

Kuwait: Solar Eclipse on the 15th of January 2010

Get Ready for the first solar eclipse of the year :)

Hopefully I'm not wrong but the timings are:

Partial Solar Eclipse begins at 08:18:25

Maximum Eclipse at 09:31:17

Partial Eclipse ends at 10:53:36

*Best view of the eclipse will be from the Maldives*



Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing :)

B & D said...

awwahhh!! my sister will get preety excited...kewl like :)

Anonymous said...

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Just A Bunch said...

i get so excited over such Godly phenomena! i hope i dont oversleep & miss it!

Nemo said...

enjoy :))

Unknown said...

No, You are wrong

The kuwait starting will be from

7:40 GMT so you have to Add UTC +3:00

The starting times for Eclips will from 7:40 AM onwards

Please don't put wrong info on internet

Nemo said...

i took the info from NASA website

and today i took the pictures at the right time

Nemo said...

you can check the pdf listed from NASA

Nemo said...

maybe u're correct ... where did u get ur info from?