Friday, January 8, 2010

iPhone: Redlaser

This is another application, Redlaser ($1.99). Scan the bar code of any product and get instant results about it. (I know that I can just Google any product I want but this application is fun :p, scanning everything I come across is fun :p)

Scan ...



Bloggylife said...

I dun think we can use it in the jam3eeya can we? cz it gets info from retailers, think KDD :P

Interesting cz I always keep taps on products prices and if they've changed and this way I don't have to look for the price mark and I can compare same product from different sellers coool.

nemo, you are making me lean toward getting an iPhone :P still haven't decided.

MBH said...

Similar applications are available in the Android market, and are free.

I've been talking to some friends and suggested building a database of local stuff and upload its prices. So far, nobody cares :/

Bloggylife said...

oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh MBH you read my mind ... GO GO GO :D

then you can build mobile/web apps ... it is a great project ;D

Bashar said...

There is SnapTell also, but it works by taking photos of the whole item, like video game, movie, or something else. It will get you reviews and price comparison,

MBH said...

Will if there exist an app that does online checking and contact the developer to either allow multi databases or redo the app.

KwAm said...

That's very useful, It'll let me easily decide if it's worth it to make online shopping.

MBH said...

The application Barcode Scanner uses ZXing and allows for using custom search (using a website to do the search).

I just tested a sample, and used my site to search and it worked as I expected!

ZXing is available for Android, J2ME phones along with BlackBerry & iPhone, but the custom search is available on Android only.

I don't mind hosting the data on my host and serving it to those who need it.

Since the app has no way of sending new data to my server, you'll have to note them and add them to the site manually.

Drop me an email if you're interested in proceeding/helping with this.

Bloggylife said...

wouldn't it be easier thought not guaranteed with our mindset to just get the data from the co-ops servers. different jam3iyas, sultan center, like once a day when there is an update and it can be compiled on your server according to what your app offers. This way you'll have heads up whenever there is sales or special offers.

Though I doubt any will share their info. But I think this approach is more practical.

MBH start a wave :P

MBH said...

A wave is not reliable yet :/
Stuff still go missing once in a while, doesn't sync and it's not mobile-phone friendly yet.

The thing is, I thought of recording multiple data:
description, price, weight/size, quantity in a pack, location

You've got mail.

Nemo said...

that's an interesting project!!

Bloggylife said...

nemo, MBH and I shared a doc discussing this, wanna join :D

Nemo said...

yeah why not :p