Friday, January 8, 2010

iPhone: iMeet

This is one of the very useful applications. Just add your friends and know where they are! (that's if they want to add u :p). You will need this specially when you're all meeting at a new place and you don't want to waste time finding the location. (I'm very bad with directions).

It will display your location on the map along with your friends. (you will need to create an account with iMeet to start using the application).

You can leave a message on the map as well.

There is an option too for signing in with twitter but I didn't try it since I don't use twitter.


MBH said...

An imitation to Google's Latitude.

Nemo said...


Bloggylife said...

nice and not nice at the same time :P

Is it for free wallah I have to buy it also!

Nemo said...

$0.99 US store

MBH said...

Google Latitude is free. Bu6 feekom :p

Bashar said...

Google Latitude FTW