Thursday, December 31, 2009

iTunes: You can't re-download deleted songs

I didn't Know That!

You can re-download your deleted applications why not your music??


Where do you buy/download your music from?



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Bashar said...

That's crap I never heard of. I buy my albums on cd

Bloggylife said...

Allah ye3afii eMule :P I know Bashar is against that :P

MBH said...


/me points & laughs even more

Apple pulled yet another wedgie!

Nemo said...

I hate apple

Bashar said...

MBH: Easy, now she officially paid for it and can pirate it, in a good way :D

Nemo said...

i've decided not to be ethical with apple ...

"BUY IT AGAIN", were they joking?

jailbreak anyone?

Anonymous said...

You can only re-download your iTunes content only once a year, but I forgot how that works.

Nemo said...

the policy date is July 2009 ... maybe its a new policy?