Friday, June 19, 2009


this is really a cool blog if you're interested in cute gadgets and so many other cute stuff :)


atoona said...

iNtayy tekhtefeen tekhtefeeen and then faj2a 3 posts in ONE day.. heheh ;p

wb! and i LOVE gadgets, i'm So gonna check it out ;)

Bashar said...

Your selected photo gives impression it's only girlish, but it's not :)

I hate their trimmed RSS feed though.

Anonymous said...

I like it :)

Hashimoto said...

Hey !
welcome Back

Technogal said...

ohh god how much I love gadgets!! THANKS Nemo :)
by the way where were you all this time!? it has been awhile now mikhtafia!

Nemo said...

atoona: lol

Bashar: i think its a bit girlish :p

xxdeemxx: great :)

Hashimoto: thnx :))

Technogal: thnx :) i was in a silent mode lol