Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Book: Outliers

What are the factors behind success? skill, hard work and intelligence? or maybe being born at the right time? or maybe having the right opportunity at the right time? This is definitely not a boring book. the author explains to you by example various cases of successful people like Bill Gates and explains the "unknown" reasons behind their success. A very interesting book and everyone should read it. (highly recommended).


Bashar said...

Yeah I listened to the audio of this one. Quite interesting. Your birth month can determine if you'll ever make it to national team! Amazing.

Although I must say I found it a bit underestimating the effort being put by these outliers. Bill Gates & Bill Joy did have a lot of factors in their favor, but they also grabbed these chances firmly and did not let go.

How many of us I wonder get slapped in the face with chances every day, and rather decide to let it pass, or worse, not even realize it!

If you liked this book, you'll sure like Tipping Point then, same author

Bloggylife said...

I've added it to my to-read list.

Mix said...

I was checking out this book in Heathrow and was very tempted to buy it. I wish I had now ! Doesn't it also talk about how some people are able to overcome very difficult, even life threatening, situations ? Or am I confused with another book?