Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Kindle ... So Far

  • Kindle is perfect for reading novels.
  • In order to read pdf files on my kindle, I need to use a software to convert them to the kindle format, the output is not the same as the original pdf file, its not good specially when there are pictures.
  • Text to speech is not that great, its just like any text to speech software on the net, audio books are different. (Why are they suing amazon?!)
  • Battery life is great. with a single charge it can stay up for a week.
  • Storage is around 1.4 GB. enough for kindle books but not enough for my MP3s.
  • Reading technical books on my kindle is hard, specially because I tend to go faster thru technical books and I only read specific pages/articles. Kindle is slow for that.
  • I had to travel two times this month and I enjoyed having my kindle with me. It's light! and I had so many choices on it.
  • I can now buy any magazine from amazon, the format is different on the kindle, you only get a list of articles from the magazine. (tried newsweek)
  • Writing notes on the kindle is hard, the keyboard is hard to use and kindle is slow.


Anonymous said...

looks like a nice device...

Gee™ said...

so useful

doona said...

wat i like about it is that its i still prefer a real book on any given normal day ;)

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

I also prefer real books :)
I even print research papers or any articles I find interesting on the web.

zuz said...

i prefer real books since nothing can beat the smell and feeling of the book:)

MBH said...

Is the battery removable?


Nosayba El-Sayed said...

MBH, the whole point is to avoid reading long articles and papers electronically, be them online papers or "SAVED AS" on my disk.

Besides, I don't print on papers made of wood-based material. I use re-cycled cans.

Aurous said...

I think I'll wait for improvements ;p

Brownie said...

i love it, although i am real book fan, but i find this one amazing, can i ask how much does it cost?

bashar said...

Glad you're liking it. Hmmm.. that magazine thing struck me. I wanna subscribe but Aramex cost is higher than the magazine it self.

And yeah, you should travel more often :)

Kazeh said...


Mark said...

according to amazon there are only 25 magazines you can subscribe to. Is that true or are there more?

Nemo said...

Amu: it is :)

Gee: yes :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: its very portable!

Nosayba: u should stop printing :p

zuz: hmm madri :p

MBH: i told u madri :p

Aurous: colored ereader would be great :p

Brownie: costs 359$

bashar: i love it :)

Kazeh: it is :)

Frenzy: thnx

Mark: yes 25 magazines and 34 newspaper :)

Anonymous said...

Allah ehaneech feeh :)

eshda3wa said...

i dunno

a7es actually having a book in your hand and flipping its pages
just has a different feel to it

Just A Bunch said...

wow, thnx for the Kindle review :)

i've been thinking of getting me one myself since it first appeared .. but im still not 100% sure.

which kindle u have? the older one or the newer one? i read that its more improved than the first one.

i dont know when will i get me one .. maybe i shall wait till they come up with a more advanced one ...

Anonymous said...

Nimo, get the new Kindle 2 DX... it is way better than the one you have. :)

I support people to use kindles and stop using the regular books.. lets save the trees...

no doubt the feel of real books is never like anything else.