Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Kindle

My kindle has arrived yesterday :)


  1. I can read any book I want, no more aramex shipping costs.
  2. The text to speech feature is awesome! I can let the kindle read the book for me. 
  3. I can carry many books in this tiny device. 
  4. The built in dictionary which you can use while reading is nice.


  1. I can only buy the books with a US credit card. I have used my friend's american express this morning. 
  2. I can't read pdf files on the kindle. (I will look for a solution)

* there will still be more things but I will need at least a month to give you a good review.

* If anyone is interested in the e-slick please tell me


Anonymous said...

congrats hun :*

zuz said...


atoona said...

yeah i loved this gadget when i read about it, bs i was thinking that it might be tiresome for the eyes.. ya know like a computer screen, is it?

3alech bl 3afya :)

Nemo said...

thank you :))

atoona: its not like the computer screen at all, its a Paper-like Screen
its so different

Aurous said...

how's the font? too small or too large?

and is it heavy?

w mabrook :D 3lech b2alf 3afya

Qa6Wa said...

3lech balf 3afya sweetie... try this for the credit card thing "entropay.com/" it's safe and simple ^_^

email me if u need help with it

Nemo said...

Aurous: thnx :))

its very light and you can control the font size there are 6 choices :)

Blasha: thank you so much :)))))))))
im gonna try that right away ..
will let you know if i need anything :))))

Technogal said...

Mashallah 3leeech eb alf o 600 3afia :)
and how much does it cost you through Aramex? I mean the shipment?

For PDF ,you should convert the PDF files to Kindle format. Check this link mobileread

did you pay for the kindle books through Amazon?

Nemo said...

thank you :)))


and how much does it cost you through Aramex? I mean the shipment?
books are expensive specially if its a hardcover ;( was that the question? sorry i got confused


PDF => Thank you :))))))))))))) will try that too :))) thats really helpful


did you pay for the kindle books through Amazon? => yes :)
im gonna try downloading some free books too

Bloggylife said...

nemo, i'm all in with technology ... but kindle ... still prefer an old fashioned book ... but if one uses it for viewing documentations as you said then maybe ... but for the simple pleasures of reading, you can't beat the original way :)

I'm still fighting to go with an e-solution with having an organizer! Though my iGoogle calendar and to-do list is filled out ;P still I carry around my paper stacked organizer ;)

Zainab Sadiq said...

Technology is Awesome!
Congrats sweetie :D

Technogal said...

I meant Aramex charges for the Kindle? How much does it weigh?

Anonymous said...

Ohh.. so you're into eBooks then? I was telling my friend I can't see my self reading full book from eBook reader.

I totally agree it's great to cut down those Aramex piling costs. The US credit card restriction is pretty awful I believe.

You had the eSlick before. What happened to the books? I assume you can't move them, and then again Amazon Kindle books can't be moved again. vendor locking is what kills it for me. Unless I enforce my ethical piracy policy ;).

How much for a test drive :(! I will get you Nemo Balloon!

MBH said...

So you still bought it? heh

For your information, The Author's Guild morons have protested against the Text-To-Speech (TTS) so now Amazon is gonna disable that feature on books that the Guild requests so.


If this is Kindle 2, you should be able to hook it to a 3G network through a sim card I believe.

Nemo said...

BloggyLife: lool
at work im trying to a paperless employee ... havn't used the printer for months now :) i use microsoft onenote, e-sticky notes and notepad :p

i think the kindle will be helpful .. lets see i have to really use it for at least a month

zina: thank you :)

Blogger Technogal: sorry :p
it was 5.5 KD,

Bashar: i didnt buy the eslick, i have a pre order from December and changed my mind last week and decided to get the kindle :p

MBH: yes i bought and i know about the case against TTS lol

let me enjoy it until they enforce some policy ...

If this is Kindle 2, you should be able to hook it to a 3G network through a sim card I believe

=> hmm not sure about that, problem is that i really didnt have time to play with my kindle .. im waiting for the weekend

Fastidious Babe said...

oh cool! u got it via amazon? cuz last time i checked they didnt ship to the middle east for political reasons >_<

Anonymous said...

I have to admire your efforts for paperless office really :)

Anonymous said...

Masha2 allaaah...

3leech bel 3afya

i so wanted a kindle when it came out. But the US only thing put me off...

Now i changed my mind, i want a Sony reader instead :D

eshda3wa said...

never heard of it

bs sounds cool

Anonymous said...

I never understood how it works, amzn says that books are downloaded directly to the kindle...but not thru wifi..!!!
It works all around the world.. how is that possible ?
Please explain

3aliya said...

that's awesome!!;p

fee audiobook?!;p wallah it's good fee kil shay!!;p

3alaich bil3afya!!;p

Bloggylife said...

Nemo, now I feel kinda guilty for printing when my eyes are too tired from the screen ;P

But see, some ppl argue that electronic devices are contributing in global warming ;P I guess cz of all the nasty shiny light coming out of the screen and heated up electronic chips ;D

ENJOY the gadget and I'm definitely trying out your no printer commitment, let's see how long I can keep that

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS ,,,, but is it late to say there is a Kindle for iphone ?

Nemo said...

Fastidious Babe:
they still dont lol, i can only buy books with my friend's American express :p but i ordered it thru my aramex us address which is fine :)

Bashar: thank you :) i'm trying so hard but at the end its really good cuz i have everything in my pc

danderma: thank you :))) i was between kindle, sony and the eslick which i even pre-ordered ... i finally decided to get kindle 2 only because i liked the new design :)

eshda3wa: its really nice :) but i will need some time to get used to it :) the thing i like the post is being able to carry all my books with me!

theadrenalinefix: there are two ways in which you can get the book, get it thru their wireless network which we can't do and download it to a pc and then transfer it via a usb which is what im doing :)

3aliya: thank you :) yeah u can listen to audio books and mp3 songs :)

BloggyLife: hopefully u can :)) u'll end up not having pile of docs with notes that you can't search for when a problem occurs :p you always end up going for the pdf on screen to search for a solution .. + no one reads a full documentation :p

wish you good like :)

sinfuleye: lol yeah i saw it but i don't have an iphone :p

Anonymous said...

thank you for this post, made my kindle usage a bit better.

Nemo said...

glad this helped :)))