Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mars in Google Earth!

Yes You can view Mars in Google Earth 5.0 According to the official Google Blog!

".. You can travel back in time to see the sketches of early astronomers like Schiaparelli and Percival Lowell in the 'Historical Maps' layer. You can also fast-forward more than a century with the 'Live from Mars' layer to view the latest images from NASA's THEMIS camera on board the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, sometimes just hours after NASA receives them .." - Google Blog

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MBH said...

But Mars is not on Earth... shouldn't they change their program's name?!

Nemo said...


atoona said...

Woww! that is just beyond COOL!

Anonymous said...

This is just amazing. I recall they had flat browsing of sun and Mars before, but this is way beyond what I imagined. I could see before how they wanna create a 3D space to dive in and see what you want.

Google's joint effort that started with NASA on a research center back in 2005 did not go wasted at all!

Frankly though, It's been a while since I've used it. Time to update my self :)

MBH: Do you have to complain :P

Anonymous said...

I can't say anything just WOW

bashar: MBH is right . how about google universe ? :P