Saturday, March 7, 2009

Book Cafe [pictures] & March Books

I was invited to a facebook group called the "Book Cafe", we liked the idea and today we decided to check the place out. Book Cafe is located at the Omniya Center next to Sultan Center - Salmiya. Here are the pictures:

We didn't stay there, we only wanted to check the place, instead we went here (infront of the cafe):

and we ended up stitching in chocolate bar - marina mall.

Hope you all enjoyed ur weekend :)

and please recommend some books you've read and liked for March. I'm going to post a new list by next week :) the list will be dedicated to my cousin who reads alot :)


3aliya said...

WOOOW THAT PLACE LOOKS AMAZING!!;p but why is it soo empty?!;p

Nemo said...

lol walla madri :) the whole place was so empty :p

Zainab Sadiq said...

loved that they combined between the green walls and pink chairs!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know that center. They have a nice ice cream shop called Scoops upstairs. We passed by Book Cafe but it wasn't opened back then.

Judging from the pictures you took, those are not the right colors for something like a "book cafe". I imagine a place like that with warm earthy colors or modern urban style with shades of dark wood, red & hints of beige & brown. And DEFINITELY not neon lights! Softer lighting with small lamps next to each reading couch, no kitchen tables. Instead magazine low tables and soft jazz music. Bakery with danish pastries & hot beverages, coffee and teas. A place like that can really blossom in Kuwait. Why isn't anyone doing it?

Nemo said...

zina: its very colorful :)

Miss-Informed: I guess the closest thing to what you have in mind is starbucks, but starbucks is "dayman za7ma" :p

Charmbracelet said...

aaahh love the place !!

Charmbracelet said...

and ee the place wouldve looked better if it wouldve been dimmer and not chairs..=(

Bloggylife said...

I've to agree with Miss-Informed. When I read my book, I need sofas, cushions, hot beverage ... I sometimes read in open air or restaurants but if I'm in the mood, and need to escape and in our beloved country weather, end up in a cozy cool place.

My latest book was: Marley&Me. Actually I didn't expect to like it, but it's light and funny. If you need more recommendations, just say so dear :)

Anonymous said...

Mm, that's interesting i may pass by one day.. Malaina mako shay ydeed :/

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

If you're in the mood for funny drama, & you're a fan of Mr. Darcy like myself: "Me and Mr. Darcy". *Hilarious*

Otherwise, I read "A Whole New Mind" couple of weeks ago. Interesting book. Broadens your perspectives towards areas that we usually neglect, given the nature of our careers. Suggests that the "Conceptual Age" that follows the "Information Age" will need a whole new way of thinking in order to survive it. Good read.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea. Hope it remains quite for reading.

Books. First what did you read last month :)

I got to recommend:

1- The One Minute Entrepreneur: Small story style book full of advises for entrepreneurs. There is also The One Minute Manager older version of it, though I haven't read it yet. Though still highly recommended by others.

2- Just For Fun: The story of Linus Torvalds, how he lived, how he made the Linux accidental revolution. And it really as it says, just for fun, written in a fun way, and with sections for GEEKS only ;).

Anonymous said...

nice place..looks so relaxing!

zuz said...

nice place!

the list;p:
something borrowed-emily giffin

something blue-emily giffin

million little pieces-james frey(AMAZINGGGG)

remember me?-sophie kinsella(hilarious!)

lolita-vladimir nabokov

crime and punishsment-fyodor doystyevski

FourMe said...

All books by Sophie Kinsella..

Nemo said...

Charmbracelet: exactly :) and add a nice view .. cuz the place is closed

BloggyLife: yeah me too
Marley and Me (isnt this the movie at kncc?)
recommend as much as you can :)))))

Zabo0o6a: ee lool

Nosayba: "Me and Mr. Darcy"
"A Whole New Mind",
"Conceptual Age",
"Information Age"

thank you :))


i've read

1- the big bang (history of the big bang) i still have 2 unfinished chapters but im really enjoying the book :)
2- a man named dave (novel)

1- The One Minute Entrepreneur
2- The One Minute Manager
3- Just For Fun: The story of Linus Torvalds

thank you :))

Amu: its very quiet :) but too colorful

zuz: thanks for the list :)))

1- something borrowed-emily giffin
2- something blue-emily giffin
3- million little pieces-james
4- remember me?-sophie kinsella
5- lolita-vladimir nabokov
6 -crime and punishsment-fyodor doystyevski

FourMe: thanks :)))

Haider said...

I totally agree with Miss-Informed.

Around a year ago I came across this site:

The place seems like a great place to read and work, but I don't know whether the project will go through or not.

Has anyone heard of this before?

Nemo said...

haider.almosawi: wow! thnx i've never heard of it ...

its still "opening soon" .. lets see :)

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

loved your stitching... i would like to start doing things like that too, but where do i buy the necessary materials from?

Nemo said...

we got it from the shop opposite to the book cafe "Barakat"

if you want a wider selection ... you may wanna go to "blakat"

if you need anything else plz let me know :)

Anonymous said...

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