Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Work & Eid Celebrations

I'm not sure if its because I said that I hate the server room twice this morning :p but they called me at 2 pm to tell me that two main applications stopped working after they upgraded the Coreswitch at work so I had to go there.

on my way to work: 

Server Room: *I love you*, a restart + starting all services needed solved the issue.

My way back:

Enjoy the holidays :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks god I have vpn connection so if I need to restart services all I need is to connect remotely and do all my work from home even in vacations or work days where I'm not there :P .

It's good trick but you have to have some one in the network department ;)

His Sweetheart said...

Why did I always had this vision of you being a highschooler?lol

I didn't expect you to be an employee and happy liberation to all of you ;)

Anonymous said...

LoL thanks Sweetheart ;)

And Happy Eid to you too :)

Nemo said...

Mahbob: el vpn didn't work :p we have someone now, joined last week :)
enjoy the holidays :)))

His Sweetheart: LOOOOL 3adi everyone says that :p never expected that it will show online too :p
enjoy the holidays :)))))

His Sweetheart said...

Oh, you think I am Kuwaiti?! And if you mean the holiday in Saudi then liste to this: My stupid work doesn't allow us to have this break so yes I work continously!!

Nemo said...

continously?!! oh!! sorry ;(((((

Bloggylife said...

loooooool ... I just logged off my VPN connection to work!

Karma that's what I always tell ppl ... ex. never ever say things are fine ...

"how's the network?"
"ahhh you know"

The moment you say great, everything comes crashing down ;P

show some love ;)

Mahbob, true, if you have ppl in the network department, things are given and firewall doors are open ;P LOL

Standy said...

hey its the holiday, why are you working???

nice pics, i thought only here we get crazy like that lool

MBH said...

Let me guess: A Windows server!

PaLoMiNo said...

looooooooooooooooool seems like a long drive to work ;p

Anonymous said...

Hate those celebrations :(. I mean, it's ok for people who WANT IT to have it, but that shouldn't enforce anyone else in.

Mahbob: Fashaltna! Don't even call me again you highschooler :P

Nemo said...

BloggyLife: true lool

Stand-Alone~: lool i guess its like this everywhere

MBH: lool akeed :p restart=windows

PaLoMiNo: i know lool, i was gonna take the alternative road bs gelt lets pass by for 10 mins nshoof o a6la3 :p

Bashar: kids were so cute lool yemken la2na this was at 4 pm ... :)

Gee™ said...

waaai, i hate celebrations here in kuwait
teheleg o m9a5a o foom 3la el raye7 o el rad ;\

Anonymous said...

yes my friends today I was buying my new mobile htc hd touch shifting from my old htc touch cruise ;) and the guy was talking about celebration and how ppl are putting some stuff like NEER and they shot girls in the hair so it falls off ! that was yesterday :( . and see this also

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Shoush said...

Thanks! Hope u enjoyed urs. ;)

Diablo said...

the old days maseera was something to look forward to ..

now .. not so much

Anonymous said...

I love the fact of you going there in broad day light, I, however choose to be a night rider and see the freaks get their freak on. Fun time indeed ;P

Anonymous said...

hate the ppl with the foams..

shamma aldabal said...

its great that they celebrate it ! =D
inshala doomha el kwait t3emha el afra7 =D

Razz said...

ohma khallaw feeha enjoy il hailag bishiwaari3

Anonymous said...

apparently the servers were on a strike... they must have wanted to go on celebrate!!!

Ma legaw ilaaa hal yoom ye3alqoon?!?!?!?

MeeMzZ said...

LOOOOL I LOVE THIS CELEBRATION!!;P i had soo much fun this year it was amazing!!;p

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Anonymous said...

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