Friday, February 13, 2009

Special Valentine's Gifts (For Her)

Philips/ Swarovski HeartBeat USB £89.00Link
LinkRed Rose 2 GB USB Flash Drive $25.99
MSI Wind Valentine's Edition $429.99
8 GB USB Flash Drive Necklace $27.99

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace $75.00Link
Circuit Board Necklace $19.99

Man/Woman Talking Remote Control $19.95

Binary Love Shirt $18.99

Geek Love Poem $18.99


Bloggylife said...

LOL, I was going to say I don't like valentine ;P

But must have shirts ;P they are awesome ;D

Nemo said...

here is more:
the pants are cute too


doona said...

the USB awal wa7ed MO 9IJ!!

its soooo cute!!

Nemo said...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: ee ;)

MBH said...

I'll be ordering a couple of t-shirts and stuff from ThinkGeek soon :D

MSI Wind is 50KD more in Kuwait than on Amazon.

Thank God I'm single!

Nemo said...

which one r u gonna order? :p

"Thank God I'm single!"

lool why?

MBH said...

Obvious :p

Anonymous said...

Now that's a valentine day I'd like to give. You think a wife would accept it?

At all rates, next time do it a bit earlier :(

The necklace and color code shirts are so cool

Anonymous said...

Now I can't logoff the site :/

What a go!

desertpalms said...

i havee the 1st usb! its preettyy =D

i dnt get the remote control pointless lol

MBH said...

Get a geeky wife and all is good ;D

For the past 3 days, I've been building up my wishlist since I remembered that they accept paypal!!

Nemo said...

Bashar: loool ana nsait ena its valentine :p i know its late :p

desertpalms: cool :))) + the remote control is stupid i know but i like it :p i have a thing for stupid stuff :p

MBH: loool sometimes its not good :p

Aurous said...

Cute :)

specially the USBs

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

Love the Circuit Board Necklace! But not more than this gift:

What should single women do?

Anonymous said...

U forgot... that's weird as your title "Special Valentine's Gifts (For Her)" for some weird reason reminded me of it!

Anonymous said...

Geeky! :]

Razz said...

good gifts, bas i thing my presence is enough :P

Nemo said...

Aurous: :)

i usually force my friends to buy me gifts :p this year i forgot :p

Bashar: its ok :p so what did you buy? :p

3baidsblog: yes :p

On-The-Rocks: looool theqa :p

Unknown said...

I live these :
Philips/ Swarovski HeartBeat USB £89.00

8 GB USB Flash Drive Necklace $27.99


Waseem said...

Where did you find the binary love shirt? i want to use it.

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