Friday, February 20, 2009

Movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The story of a man who is born very old (80 years) and keeps growing younger. 13 Oscar nominations. 166 minutes. This is a long beautiful well acted and well written movie. This is definitely a great weekend movie.

Note: I've watched it at home, don't know wether the kncc version is good or bad.


Qa6Wa said...

i wanna watch that!!!!!!!!

Charmbracelet said...

shaklaaaaa boring!=| I don't think I wanna watch that!=p

Fastidious Babe said...

definitely a must watch x

Hashimoto said...

One Of the best movies I've ever seen,
watched it in Turkey

it's been a while since I've Watched a great movie like it
Definitely " A Must See " Movie

Hashimoto said...

When i saw it i knew you would post about

pinky said...

i didn't see the movie but everyone is saying that its amazing..

nice blog plz visit

Anonymous said...

Ohh PLZ... not you too! I just got back from Turkey and everytime I ask a lady about a movie, she says BENJAMIN! Sounded like romance, so I asked is it Romance? She doesn't get it. Is it Romantic? She still doesn't get it :S

Is it Love movie? She turns red and goes laughing :/

Hashimoto: We might have really been on same flight :P. Did a lady also suggest this same movie?

Nemo said...

Hashimoto: how did you know? :p
glad u enjoyed it :)

pinky: i will sure check it :)

Bashar: looool why? you didn't like it??
its really good

Bliss said...

shaklu marra y7ammis!!
indeed a must see movie :)

No identity.. said...

Nemo: from your post i guess its a must watch movie... cant wait to see it as I LOVE MOVIES ... :D

Anonymous said...

Nemo: No, I didnt watch it really. I dont like romantic movies, which is what I was trying to clarify! Every one talking about it that it was the joke of the trip, and now I come back to see this :)

Is it pure drama and romance or have other twists?

Zainab Sadiq said...

it’s definitely on my list 2 watch ;D

Nemo said...

Bliss: i hope you like it :)

No identity: i hope you like it :)

Bashar: whats wrong with romantic movies? :p
no this is not a pure romantic movie not like the "notebook" or "titanic"
its a drama, its about this man whose life is so different from all other people, his life story

imbd genre is Drama | Fantasy | Mystery | Romance

zina: inshalla u'll like it :)

Anonymous said...

indeed that was a nice movie. i liked it

Anonymous said...

Nemo: I usually find romance movies boring. But your words suggest there is more to it than two people who just wants to be together. Is it based on true story?

imdb genre: Yeah, I saw it later. I just needed to ask at cinema doors :>

Technogal said...

I loved this movie... and I was totally amazed on how they made him looks so young!!

Standy said...

hmmm. the name sounds boring bas the plot is really intersting,, shali i will look for it and see it... thankx for the review :)

His Sweetheart said...

I had the choice of either watching it or watching YES MAN at the theater yesterday and I went for Yes Man

I will be watching it soon though!

Nemo said...

ZoN: it is :)

Bashar: true story? can't be :p
the movie is mainly about one person's life :)

Technogal: yes me too! its an achievement!

Stand-Alone~: give it a try :) and i didn't write more not to burn the movie for you :)

His Sweetheart: hope you like it :) and
give us your feedback :)

Gee™ said...

liked it
its been a long time since ive watched good movie