Saturday, January 10, 2009


There are some tasks (for example here in IT) that take 1 day only to finish. Some employees tend to give you the impression that these tasks need at least a week to finish and more over they tend to give you the impression that these tasks are highly complicated (rocket science)!

Employees who do that say:
  1. By doing that you give the impression to the management that you are a very important employee who is needed and you will have a bigger chance to get a promotion.
  2. By doing that you, you won't get pressured.
  3. By doing that management won't take you for granted, and they won't underestimate you but they will appreciate what you do more.

What do you think? and do you have colleagues that do that at your work place?


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

well i do know some ppl who has such kind of colleagues at their work place :/!!

Anonymous said...

they are everywhere!

Anonymous said...

make your self a smart person !
go to the management and say that you know some tricks that well finish that hard work in a day ,,, and that you can do it better than the other employee ...
show them that your smarter than the other employees ,,,

Bashar said...

Hehehe :)

One problem though with being honest is, they will as you said take everything for granted, even when it's difficult. Also, they will not tell you what they decided but rather what they're thinking of right now, then change their mind 10 minutes later.

I brought one marketing guy before to discuss his requirement on the fly. He kept sending emails every few mins like I have nothing else to do and I had to go in a fight with him to stop it :P

So I guess I will kinda take this approach.

Razz said...

not employed bas i think etha ohwa in a government sector they are right bas if in the private sector, then they're totally wrong...

MBH said...

The support people do this most of the time. We (the administrators) end up doing their work to finish quickly.

I've come across employees who hide information (especially if it's a legacy system) so that they don't get fired, because they keep asking for salary raises and tie their existence in the company to old systems and don't care to learn new things.

Your last point is crucial and bring up diffrent kind of people: Hard workers, but get abused. So they tend to slack off to ditch abusive managers.

A couple of times it happened here. And since we don't have a technical manager, yet, I just blurt it out frankly that it can't be done, and I'm not willing to spend overtime because they don't pay for overtime.

So it's not always the employees, but also the management.

P.S.: Last time I had overtime, they owed me 42 hours, including some Fridays; I took them as days off, or come late/leave early. Much better than money!

Aurous said...

why would anyone spend a week on something that can be finished in a day?

MacaholiQ8 said...

Not only in IT; this is how it works in every field, unfortunately. :/

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

nemo look at my desktop ;)

Nemo said...

P.ANONYMOUS: yes it’s a technique used by many! Im soooo happy that you liked the picture ;)) glad u love it :))))))

Amu: true

sinfuleye: loool kelsh bad choice :p ana maly sh'3l eb a7ad :p

Bashar: sometimes u need to do that i agree! depends on the management ... usually the management knows nothing about our jobs and thats sad ;( they just don't understand

Think-Become: again it depends on the management, if the management is not treating u good any employee would think of doing such things ... but ideally we should always do our best.

MBH: kel el IT do that cuz management know nothing about IT :p as for hiding information that another long post :)
“ I'm not willing to spend overtime because they don't pay for overtime.”
U’re right why bother if they are not willing to pay more?

Aurous: many reasons as I mentioned having more free time, making the job look difficult (rocket science) and then start pushing the management to pay more if they want the work to finish faster.

MacaholiQ8: yup! ;(