Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have this project that I have been working on for a month and finished it on our "testing server". now after I finished, the testing server has crashed. they are still trying to recover the data but it seems that ALL MY WORK has gone. Backup solution? it seems that they have forgot to add the testing server to the backup solution and I forgot to save my work on my PC too.

BUT it's okay! the purpose of this post is to advise you to back up your stuff yourself and never rely on any backup solution.


zuz said...

:S:S im sorry for ur work:S!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

*gulb* gonna back up all my stuff soon inshallah !
And sorry sweet heart to heart that :/

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...


Bashar said...

Sorry to hear that :(
I know how it feels. Loosing one month of your life.

I dont understand how most companies over look their employee work's backup. They used to tell us you have 1.5 GB you need to remove them.

OK Where do I store them?
Support: CDs or something.

CD is a very lousy way for backup. They dont realize my data is eventually theirs. And guess what? Eventually my laptop crashed and all data was lost. Their data!

Companies should invest in backup solutions for PC and servers. OK, give employees permission to set which folders to backup, but dont leave them in the dark.

Anyways, if its not major hardware failure, there are usually ways to retrieve it (if they want!). I know you can cool HD to help read data for short time before it heats again.

doona said...

that sucks =\

i have never backed up any of my stuff! =\
but i think il start after this story lol ;)

Razz said...

i always backup my work twice, a backup and a backup for the backup :P

i remember once i didn't back up my work and i lost all the data, it was so devastating

wish you all the luck on the recovery of the system

Anonymous said...

Ouch :/

Standy said...

o0ops.. *flash back to the days at uni*..

I'm sorry,,

Nemo said...

zuz: its okay thank you :)

P.ANONYMOUS: thanx :) yes you should backup everything urself, don't depend on others :s

Bashar: the problem is that we have this great backup solution BUT they didnt include this testing server in the plan. as for the packages i lost i think they are gone with the wind :s

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: if you have important stuff then you should walla, i relied on the systems unit to backup my stuff but they didn't!!

Think-Become: wallah a7san shay :p good for you :) thanks :)

3baidsblog: exactly my reaction ... my face even turned red o galbi gam y3awrni lol

Stand-Alone~: ;( yalla its okay .. thnx :))

MBH said...

I've recovered many servers & disks from the dead. Need help? Free of charge.

Bashar said...

Hmm... I understand test servers are less critical BUT... what about employee data on their PCs for example. For test servers, make backups less frequently.

MBH said...

It's a test server; you test things there, not develop them.

Our developers use a version-control system: Subversion. Develop on your box, and the code will be committed to the Subversion server to preserve versions of your code, should your machine crash or you need to roll back. You back up the Subversion server.

I hope the guys you have there know how to proceed...

Aurous said...

What are you going to do now?

Anonymous said...

Don't I know it...
I was writing a document at work the other day and for some odd reason kept forgetting to save .... i was closing the open windows and when the save msg came up I clicked no and then died a little inside....
Yup it may not be the exact same situation... but i believe its the same heartache.... ;(

Nemo said...

MBH: Thanks for the offer :)
version control system No we don't have, i was the only developer until recently a new developer joined us, we only do inhouse apps --
whats lost => some oracle packages in the test DB which is in the server that crashed, systems recovered the server with missing files, DBA said he couldn't bring the files => he cloned the PROD into PPRD ;((( and my packages are gone!!! (why not directly PROD, its a finance app that manipulates finance data, must be tested against pprd data)

Bashar: personal pcs - we don't backup but i know that they backup the personal network drives for staff ---
why? i never asked!

Aurous: rewrite it? ahh law bs i saved it as text!!!!

seriously2009: my heart is broken! :)

MBH said...

Sounds like the dudes just used an image of the disk and slapped a DB restore...

The retail & showrooms managers would've killed me if I had done that to the server that crashed a few weeks back... Thank God I was able to recover the box within 2 hours. Same data; all intact.

Nemo said...

MBH: => "knocks on the wood"
hmmm regarding that => i think sometimes IT guys can convince their managers that its impossible relying on the fact that their managers have minimal IT knowledge

MBH said...

My point is: If the hardware wasn't damaged (disks, CPU, memory, ...etc.), then the problem is almost 90% fixable.

The other 10% is the small chance that the OS is severely infected, or a program caused serious damage preventing it to boot.

It being a test server, maybe they thought it's OK to use an old copy of stuff rather than salvage it.

Anyway, look into Subversion. Consider having a "code server" and back it up.

shamma aldabal said...

this happened to me too !
even though i did backup my files, i didn't update my backup files ..

so yeah we should always update our backups too =p

Anonymous said...

I never do back up ;/

TOOTA said...

awww sorry to hear that!!;ss

Esperanza said...

OMG!! well better luck next time!!

Anonymous said...

il test server ra7???

7amdellah we il sheker? malah backup?

inzain khal ingool gedraw yerag3oon feeh... how about your own work?

y3ni u dont have ur own backup?

i know how it feels when you have been developing something for sooo lonnnngggg o tweaking here o there o a little stupid line that you have to debug o u find the error in google o fix o do o ihnee o ihnak o in the end a package of over a 1000 lines long... b3dain Pooof!!! Wain my changes? baaa7!

So i alway always, for every change, i keep a folder with todays date, o inside it the versioning... i have so many folders o directories... anything but lose my data!

Nemo said...


"It being a test server, maybe they thought it's OK to use an old copy of stuff rather than salvage it."

i think thats exactly what happened!
althu they told the boss that they couldn't retrieve anything!

libero anima: yeah we should ;(

Amu: wla ana!! i relied on the sys admin/ DBA to do their job! i shouldn't!

TOOTA: thnx sweety :(

Anoosa: thnx sweety inshala i will

danderma: sheftay shlon ;(
true kel shay gelteh ;(
its my mistake too i know
o good for u walla a7san shay :D