Wednesday, December 24, 2008

To "some" of the guys ...

*I love to read when I sit here*

Now, you guys should not try to talk to a girl if she didn't give you any sign that she's interested and if you did and she didn't give you a chance to talk then you should just leave her alone! I really don't wanna sound "daloo3a" because I'm not but I did freak out today, I know it did happen before but I don't want this to happen again in the future. don't tell me read in a cafe (I just don't like to read in a cafe).
  1. Am i wrong?
  2. Is it my mistake because I choose the wrong the place?
  3. Is the beach reserved for people looking for romance?
  4. Why can't we enjoy the lovely beaches we have?


Anonymous said...

A7la mokan :D
Well ily ebyt7arash, ra7 yt7arash 7ata bil cafe.. bs malich sheghil ba7ad.. maqol ela allah y3enech 3ala hal ashkal :|
bs mo bard now?

Nemo said...

hal yomen el jaw 7looo "hawa cos"

doona said...

i did that only once eb 7ayaty in kuwait =S

oo 7a9alt ta3lee8at enough to last em a lifetime =S

i hate kuwait sometimes =S

Charmbracelet said...

i swear loo bta7achain 3n guys likuwait mara7 t5al9een..! =O..not all =p huuf

Livingmylife said...

Tell me about it! wala a7es its degrading!;s ya3ni yal geezi ana shakli wa7da eti7arash feeha wta36eek wayh?? uugh GO AWAY! ..

i dont understand them wala .. its like they love making FOOLS out of themselves! e5arboon 3ala enas wala ;/

hufffff ..


atoona said...

Allah what a relazing place to read :)

ma 3alech minhum.. ur bound to find pple that act like that literally everywhere u go in q8, so i say stick to u fav. places and just ignore them.

Razz said...

1- no you're not wrong, mo msawya shy ghala6

2- no, its there mistake for being hailag!

3- no it not... bas people ma yifhimoon

4- because we're living in a society with close-minded people.

welcome to this place!

Fajorie™ said...

this place is 9ij amazing
7abeet moodich ;p

MBH said...

During Ramadan back in college days, I used to go the same place in your picture, sit there and read a random book.

People are walking by, kid playing, flying kites; everyone was into his own thing and I was into my own world.

After a few days, an American guy said hello and asked if he could join me. Then he started talking & so, and he started to come almost daily and just with me for a while! (He was a kindergarten school teacher)

My point is: The place is public and for everyone to enjoy, but sometimes you get some people around; they may be good or bad, but people WILL bug you at some point :p

Bashar said...

I think it's some people's mis conception of the situation. The more girls are open, the more they expect all others to be.

Anonymous said...

you should enjoy reading at the place you feel comfortable sitting....Do what makes you feel good :) its free world :D

moi said...

'3l6anaaa u shouldnt sit in places like this ehaz2onech elshabab el5amma;\ may5alon elwa7ed eb7ala

mawjoda said...

correction: to "most" guys

Nemo said...

Dandoon: me too ;(

Charmbracelet: i know ma ra7 a'7ales bs walla lana enqahart :s

Livingmylife: exactly!!!!! 100%

atoona: thnx dear, i'll try bs i think i will end up reading @ home :s

Think-Become: thnx, yes all true i'll just end up staying @ home :S

Jouja: thnx sweetie :) bs shakla we can't enjoy what we have :( unless a7ad yelga solution

MBH: yes u're right, i was just upset, either at7amal or i stay @ home or i go there as a big group with one disadvantage => ra7 ensolef

Bashar: :s lesh mafi respect?

Amu: thnx i will try my best law kelna nroo7 yemken m7ad yegdar ysawy chethy .. bs maybe la2na kel el nas ma taby y9eer laha hal ashya2 fa 9ar el beach for those stupid ppl!

moi: wain aroo7? ;(

mawjoda: lol

Bashar said...

Sorry, it's just human bad nature I guess. There are other more quite sea places I guess if you go along Fahaheel road, or maybe begin of Gulf Road.

To be frank, I would love a solitude place to read. But in Kuwait, that's difficult to get even as a male :/. So I simply don't try usually.

Nemo said...

we should find a solution ma y9eer we have those lovely beaches o we can't go there just because of those stupid ppl :S

Fastidious Babe said...

ahh the place is fab! chose off peak hours :P

Bashar said...

Ahhh... Maybe if you have your own Yacht. Maybe only then. My last trip in summer, I would read a lot on the train. Everybody reads. No one looks or disturbs the other. Since I got back in August, the book is still unfinished :(

What were you reading anyways if I may ask? I am always curiously looking to expand my Amazon wishlist to infinity :>

MBH said...

Bring a vicious-looking dog along.

Bashar said...

MBH: That would really work if you wanted to keep me away. But what if the guy has a female dog, they fall in love. And with Murphy's law, they will! ;)

Bashar said...

Ohh... I recall one good place I had once. But it's not something you can have every day :)

Khiran balcony @ early morning. That was nice.

Bashar said...

Hey, check this post, item # 3

Nemo said...

Fastidious Babe: yeah maybe althu ra7 a'7af lol :p

Bashar: my own yacht or my own chalet or my own apartment 3al b7ar :D all great ideas :))) yala transfer the money :p
i read diff stuff during the day, I have now next to me:
حول العالم في 200 يوم - انيس منصور
Einstein: His Life and Universe
ليلة المليار - غادة السمان

MBH: another idea :p bs a'7af mn dogs lol

Bashar: LOL @ dogs love story, Khiran balcony = the private chalet idea .. yala waiting for you to transfer the money :p

"Reading a book at a furniture store is very relaxing" => LOL

MBH said...

I hate dogs (saliva & noise) .. well, umm .. you just have to change the time you go there. I used to go at 3 PM near Apple Bees.

One place which I noticed to be mostly empty whenever I pass is the sea-side near Sheraton hotel. You know when you go from Sheraton roundabout to the sea-side? There are chairs there.

They could be subjected to the Indian Occupation on Sundays... beware! (just go a bit further from the churches)

Bashar said...

Nemo: Umm... Ahhh... Y don't you do something else ha?

I'm not good Arabic reader. Einstien... Ohh, I have it but still didn't have the time to read it :`(

PaLoMiNo said...

6ab3an ur not wrong o sa7 kalmch :)

Anonymous said...

Calling all bloggers

Nemo said...

MBH: hmm i may try apple bees thnx :p
ams ga3adt fe 7osh baitna wasn't that bad :p althu mafi ba7ar, sawait chai + kastana o thalait for like 4 hours

Bashar: give me alternatives :p

PaLoMiNo: thnx sweetie :))) you've been missed :)

Bashar said...

Go play games. Do some Java programming. Watch Onion on YouTube. Or go play with Bratz. :P

Nemo said...

I was sure you would say that lol
i was even looking @

=> old days

bs 7sait ena im too laaaazy to think so i went to youtube :p

bratz is one ugly doll w3 :p

Bashar said...

You were just testing the waters then ha :)

Nice challenging link. I once tried the Google Code Jam competition and couldn't sleep from the frustration.

Bratz... I keep wondering how they picked up! Cant get uglier

MBH said...

One solution is to go with someone who wouldn't talk .

I went with my cousin today, each with a book, sat at chocolate bar silently eating classic chocolate fondue and reading the book.

We left 2:30 hours later. Was a good time.

So I suggest you find someone who's quiet and go along (of course preferably a male).

Nemo said...

Bashar: register and start solving problems :p it used to be fun bs now mali khelg :s, never tried google code jam

+ bratz yes UGLY w33

1) what did you read?
2) which chocolate bar did you pick?
3) "someone who wouldn't talk" 9a3ba :p
4) glad u enjoyed :D

MBH said...

1) what did you read?
2nd book of The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers.
I finished the first long ago and been craving to at least start with the 2nd. I got the opportunity yesterday :D

2) which chocolate bar did you pick?
Marina Crescent. Many kids were there, but once you start reading, the noise just fades. We could've sat somewhere else though (closer to the sea).

3) "someone who wouldn't talk" 9a3ba :p
I know plenty of them :p

Hottie said...

I swear, we need to put all the hailag ( whether they're guys or girls) in an island and desert them