Thursday, December 4, 2008

Palmistry - Heart Line (1)

The Heart Line is one of the three major lines in Palmistry. (the bold line in the pictures).

The first picture (straight + doesn't curve) => "Mental Line"
  • You find it hard to express your innermost feelings.
  • You need to be told frequently that you are loved and desired.
  • You are sensitive and easily hurt.
The second picture (Curves) => "Physical Line"
  • You find it easy to express your innermost feelings.
  • You express yourself in a confident and assertive manner.
  • When things go wrong, you pick yourself up quickly and carry on with your life.
The third picture: The Ending position of the Heart Line:

First Finger:

  • Overly idealistic.
  • Is likely to feel let down and disappointed by actions of other people.
Second Finger:
  • Concerned only with your own needs.
  • Doesn't have much interest in the need of others.
  • Lack of emotional involvement.
Between the first and the second finger:
  • Balanced between idealism and selfishness.
  • Concerned with both your need and the others needs.
  • Realistic.
Source: Palm Reading for Beginners.


Anonymous said...

I dont believe in all that lines and hand reading! madry laish bs I just dont believe in it!;p

Nemo said...

its just for fun :p

asameee said...

haha i dont believe either but it's fun!

مريم الفلاسي said...

i like that xD