Sunday, December 7, 2008

Palmistry - Head Line (1)

A Major line in Palmistry, represents how the person uses his or her brain. (the bold line in all pictures (mid line)).
  • A faint line shows that the person has mental ability that is not being used.
  • The longer the line, the more involved and detailed the person's thinking process will be. The short line indicates that the person thinks quickly, skims over the surface and is not interested into details.
  • In the first picture, a straight line that doesn't curve means that the person is practical, logical, down to earth and unimaginative.
  • In the second picture, a line that curves, indicates that the person will be imaginative and creative. the greater the curve, the more imaginative the person will be.
  • In the third picture, the fork at the end of the head line is known as the "Writer's fork" and shows that the person can come up with good ideas and make them practical.
  • In the fourth picture, the distinct bend at the end means that the person will have strong material needs.

  • In the fifth picture, if the head line touches the life line at the start, it denotes a cautious person who will think before acting.
  • In the sixth picture, the larger the gap between the two lines (head and life), the more outspoken, impulsive, and independent the person will be.


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