Friday, December 5, 2008

Greatest Scientists (1 of N)

Dennis Ritchie: Creator of The C programming language, Co-Creator of the Unix operating system.
Brian Kernighan:
Co-Creator of AWK programming language, Co-Author of the greatest classics The Unix programming environment and The practice of programming

Ritchie and Kernighan are the authors of the first book on C, the C programming language.


Bashar said...

Yeah... zero commens. Now try posting a silly post about a celebrity, see how reaction changes ;/

Sorry all geek grandpas... we love u

MacaholiQ8 said...

If those were born in Kuwait they would have been raising cattle by now.

Thank god for their origin otherwise C programming language would have never seen the light.

Standy said...

Very interseting.. never knew the names of the poeple who created the C language..

Nemo said...

Bashar: lol it's ok those are our celebrities :)

The Criticizer: born in kuwait lool, C is my first programming language :)

Stand-Alone~: we should all know them, they are the founders :)

MacaholiQ8 said...

Are you studying this stuff in college or just learning it on your own will?

Nemo said...

no i finished (computer science, 06)

but i remember when i was a senior student, my fav prof asked those questions "Do you know who is the Founder of C, Unix, ... Relational Model, ...etc"
and i didn't know the answer!! i just forgot! i never cared about history althu its important