Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who has the biggest brain?

So I guess by now everyone knows the game "who has the biggest brain" on facebook.
But have you ever thought about "which country has the biggest brain?"
If you did, Download the statistics that were published by playfish on 23-10-2008.
We stand here:

Country: Kuwait
Rank: 103
Average brain size: 1,787
Number of records: 806

Whats your score by the way?


Aurous said...

I like this game.. :D

I don't remember my score but I was a geek

I'm afraid that if I play it again I'll get a nerd score, so I've stopped :p

Lili3 said...

Wow it looks so cute, I wish I didn't delete my face book account yet LOL

Anonymous said...

1815 ^__^
scholar ^_^

MeeMzZ said...


Qa6Wa said...

i dun play that game :/ i play "word challenge" more fun!

Nemo said...

i didnt play "word challenge" >>> my friends always say its fun